Armory dowloading only blender

I downloaded armory 5 zip file and after unzipping it when I open blender in the file, it opens normal blender2.79 without any armory properties. please help.

You need to Install Armory3D as Add-on in Blender. Just follow these instructions:

The Armory Docs on the Armory3D website seem to be outdated. Use the Wiki on Github instead

bro I need armory addon for blender2.79. and all sdk s I found were for blender2.8

Sorry didn’t quite get the problem from your description. Tried it myself and ran into the same problem. When I tried to manually install Armory from the legacy version to a fresh blender 2.79 it told me the addon was created for 2.80. It seems odd that even the legacy versions are updated to blender 2.80

how do you open these things you call gethub files

Hi, did you follow the setup instructions in the wiki ( step by step? I’m not really sure what you mean but this explains pretty well how to install Armory.

If you’re talking about the Git version of Armory (= including the latest changes), it’s a bit more complicated. It’s explained here and if you need more details here. Hopefully that solves your question.