Armory Engine Mascot?

Does Armory Engine have a mascot? If so, what is it? If not…I’d like to give it a go.

No mascot yet. Do you mean an actual 3D model? Could be nice.

Yes actually. I’m talking about the same kind of deal that Suzanne has with Blender in general. It could be a primitive in low-poly format that subdivides really well like Suzanne or it could be something more complicated. I’m leaning towards a bit more of a literal representation on Armory at the moment. I’m thinking something like a knight. Again, just throwing something out there. I would be happy to do it myself if you would like but it would take a long time because of a combination of my schedule and the fact that it would have to be perfect (considering how iconic Suzanne is now, revisions on a mascot would be a horrifying prospect so it has to be perfect the first time around). Then again, someone else may be better suited to the task.

I think it’s a good idea. Rather than a full knight though, maybe just a helmet or something would be more iconic?

Maybe, I mean, I guess our favorite monkey isn’t a full model either. Then again, it doesn’t have to be a knight to begin with. It could be something else as well.

I always thought a wolf would be neat, maybe with an Armory-pink handkerchief tied around its ankle. You know, because Luboš means ‘wolf’ or ‘love’. It’ll never happen because he’s so humble, but I still think it would be a cool easter egg. :wink:

welp…someone years from now is going to put that as an easter egg in a game.

Well, I think a nice cool looking unique Knight with a nice Armor on would work well for this engine since Armory is the name :stuck_out_tongue:

I did some 3D doodles on this subject since the last time I’ve looked at it. I’ve found some nice little things. One such item was a knight’s helmet that fits on Suzanne. Other examples included: a tank, body armour, full knight’s suit, and more.

Sega mascot is a hedgehog and Nintendo is a Italian plumber… therefore nothing to do with their companies names :slight_smile:

It’s a longer question to answer. I’ve got a small set of things to present as possibilities. Haven’t finished up yet though so no presentations of possibilities.

Ok here is an idea for a possible mascot.

Usually an Armoury is a place where you find various weapons, shields, ammo, etc… There is medieval types as well as more moderns types.

So if you think medieval/fantasy, a blacksmith would be well suited for a mascot. With a leather apron, an Anvil, a big hammer in hand, forging weapons.

I’ll be doing concept sculpts in my spare time and see if I cannot come up with something interesting. I do however prefer to do cartoon and stylised characters as opposed to realistic characters. I do however make it render in a realistic manner (like realistic skin, realistic hair/fur, realistic metals, etc… but with exaggerated proportions and features).

Let me know what you guys think of the idea and if it is worth me taking some time to create such a character.

I’ve gotten to work on a few concepts already. Your free to start your own and have your designs compete with mine if you like though.

Sirgeorge, can we maybe see your concepts?

I do not want to compete with anyone on anything because It usually becomes unfair since I have over 15 years of professional experiences in 3D not only with blender but also with Maya.

To give you a clue as to who am I, I wont the Blendswap Fantasy Character Contest. That was four years ago and I got a lot of hate mail from other contestant because most of them were only hobbyist and I am not.

Here is the final winning image.

Here is some of my work to give you an idea of what I can do :slight_smile:

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Perhaps instead collaborating on an idea would be more fun then competing against each others!

Here is a super quick concept digital painting about of the general idea i have in mind. As usual, like any early concepts, there is room for improvements.

Huh, I was actually going to go more the route that Blender got its mascot. I was planning on making a low poly object that could and was intended to be treated as a primitive to be put into Blender so people could play around with it and work with it like they do with Suzanne.

Since you posted your work, however, I feel like I have to at least establish that I am capable of more than this before presenting my first completed primitive prototype for the purpose stated. Thus, here is my current main project I am working on in the modeling stage:

I have other work ranging from nature scenes to characters to full blown stills and animations but it each piece is either incomplete, not something I’m proud of, or (and this is a shame because this includes most of my current work) under NDA (yes I’m being paid for it so it’s professional work…done by me…ya). As for years of experience, I have two of those under my belt and I am what you would call a 3D generalist looking to become a Blender Guru (just another infinite years to go and a BFCT License and I’ll be good on that).

Now that that is taken care of I can show my first concept for the mascot. This one is the one for the helmet I was talking about earlier and here is the first prototype:

I also have a tank I’ve blocked out (not too far away from the final product) which would lend itself better to people wanting to play around with it as you can rig it easier than this which doesn’t really have too much rigging work you can do. I’ve taken note of the feasibility of Suzanne to be subdivided without major changes in the mesh and please be advised that this current model does not work so well with that idea as should be easily noticed if you follow the topology. Thus the conclusion is that sudivisibility and rigging do not match that of Suzanne which may end up making this mascot a dud or at least in need of heavy rework if this concept of “low poly primitive” is taken any further.

A 3D model of one of these would be fitting IMO:

Yeah, I mean an armor stand with a full set on it.
No reason why it couldn’t be rigged and animated later on too.

Could make for a cool first monthly competition theme for a artwork forum category should we get one(wink-wink, nudge-nudge)…

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hmm…I get what you are saying. I could definitely compete in that but I don’t know if we have enough people in the community yet to warrant such a competition yet. I would be willing to organize it. Regardless, the idea should be discussed more.