Armory is getting worse?

Hi everyone,I’m just a new user of armory3d.After trying some game templets,I was amazed by armory’s high render qualities and … its low efficiency.
Why I am saying that?Yeah,everyone says that armory is a game engine for blender and you can adjust your models easily without changing your software.But when I want to adjust any parameter or model in my game,I need to stop the running game and run it again,whatsworse is that sometime it will recalculate everything again in my game,which greatly lowers my development efficiency.
Well,sometimes I think it will improve in the future,however,I saw this video a few days ago.
You can see it,5 years ago you can change your models and see the result quickly but today,you can’t.I don’t know why it happens,maybe there are some reasons.But what we need is a high efficiency like what it shows in the video.
Comparing with most game engine,armory don’t have any obvious advantages,however,we can make it,and what we have is blender.By making deeper interaction with blender,we can greatly improve our development efficiency and more users will be attracted.



Thank you for the feedback. Armory lost the feature of embedded rendering a wile ago when switching from Blender 2.79 to 2.8. This was mainly because the feature initially was based on a hack and was getting more difficult to get it working as Blender’s API changed every update.

That said, the feature of editing mesh and materials, adding objects and transforming them in runtime is still somewhat available. To enable this, you need to enable the checkbox “live patch” in the Armory settings panel.

Note that although still available, some people have had issues with it.