Armory Logo is very similar to Redhat Ansible Logo

Not sure if this is ever likely to be an issue, but I noticed that the “A” used for the Armory logo is very similar to the logo for Redhat’s Ansible configuration management software (in particular, the Ansible Tower logo). I realize the font is subtly different (more boxy with some shading), but it seems like it could be easy to mistake, especially in a small icon form.

Could this potentially become a trademark issue? I don’t really know enough about the legality when it comes to trademark and logos (not a lawyer), but I figured I’d mention it since it would be a shame if this caused legal trouble for the project down the road…

Does anyone else know if this might be an issue?

I would suggest the blender logo in a metal frame- you know, like armor? Something off the blender logo would look nice.