Armory loses node libraries

Hi all!

On my setup Armory constantly loses node libraries (a few times per day). Just on open of .blend file
there is no custom node libraries and existing ones are marked in red color. After some random manipulations
these somehow start to work but then lost again after some time. Any ideas on what is going on?
I try to use that logic_pack lib. But because it is so unreliable I think I will have to stop using custom nodes and just use haxe scripts. But using nodes is nice thing for quick change and test approach, but it looks too buggy to care for now…
In khafile.js there is no path to Libraries directory, only actual library names:

project.addAssets("/home/slapin/armory/Armory/armsdk//lib/haxebullet/js/ammo/ammo.js", { notinlist: true });
project.addAssets("/home/slapin/armory/Armory/armsdk//lib/haxerecast/js/recast/recast.js", { notinlist: true });

and as I checked in python code it is not even trying to find these. Any ideas?


No Libraries directory in the path should be ok, as Kha defaults to that. What Blender version are you on? Is there any error in the console output when registering fails? Weird that it works sometimes but not always.

The blender stdout output is the same regardless of the issue.
The version is 2.79 which came with Armory v0.4. Looks like it is deliberately avoid looking for plugins as I added print()s to the code which does import of and it is not executed. Once it started working when I removed all project generated files, pycache dirs, etc. opened .blend and saved. But with current state I can’t make it work whatever I do. This is like third time magic occurs.