Armory main page menus

Armory main page display is rather annoying.

The menu is at bottom :slight_smile:

click on it to make appear left menu
click on left menu item “community”
scroll down to view new links.

I think the header picture is too big ,it’s a waste of space.
The menu should be visible in front page without having to click.

You should only be seeing that particular layout on phone and tablets. Is this happening on your desktop? The desktop layout should have all links on the top in a navbar.

Yes , this is in desktop mode with Firefox.

Is this how it look, looks good to me.

I am using Chrome.

I’m using Firefox too on Windows 10 64bit Windows, and mine looks exactly like Blackgoku - Can you post if you’re using a specific screen resolution? Or if possible your user agent data? - I’m only getting that on on phones and tablets, on which it is quite nice

Firefox, Win 7 1920*1080

That seems quite odd, I’m trying the same thing on a Win 10 at the exact same resolution, but with different results:

Do you have any ad-blockers or any plugins/add-ons that might interfere on this?

This is what it looks like on my iPad.

Check your page zoom, zooming my page to 200% on chrome show the same as your.Try lowering your page zoom.

As @BlackGoku36 said above that seems to be a zoom issue. Going off the top of my head when I did the new site, the break from mobile view to desktop view is based off of viewport resolution,not explicitly os resolution. This makes it work the same independent of what you are using to view the site. However when you use a browsers zoom features that causes the browser to report a viewport resolution independent of your native os resolution. So right now the website is getting reported to that the veiwport is less than 960 across.

Zoom out and it displays correctly.
It’s a browser compatibility issue.