Armory most wanted?

what do y’all want for armory in the future? here is what I want:
emission probes
documentation of logic nodes
Platformer Template
Full Principled Shader Support
Faster Voxel GI (that’s on the bottom of the list because my old gpu is likely the reason for bad frame rates)

I would love the procedural textures to work, and if possible water physics.

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. . . They work for me. At least, some of them.
I would also love the wave modifier.

The last time I checked they were realy of, what makes them not fun to use with colorramps for creating procedural textures.

Smoke example here:
Platformer/side scroller template here:

Welcome to the future :wink:

Yeah, but it doesn’t tell us how to customize or make our own smoke. I want something like this:

Also, while it will be really hard, I want to see something close to unity, where Fire could be used as Fire in General, not just some kind of fireplace or candle, so I can make jet engines and explosions.

I think what you really want are tutorials, and I agree that more tutorials and other material such as a detailed manual for various things as well as more descriptions on how to use functions in haxe etc is needed. This will improve over time though! So we need to be patient, and it is possible to contribute also if we feel that we have knowledge that can help others since everything is available on github.

Even though the existing particle support in Armory is in a very early stage something like a jet engine should be possible to do. There are limitations for sure, but a rudimentary implementation should be possible. It is possible to move particle systems around, and it’s also possible to do fire particles.

Here is a super quick ugly example:

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Well, to me this isn’t really impressive because I can easily do that in BGE even though BGE don’t have real particles, there is an easy python way :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep in mind that Lubos works on this pretty much by himself, so it will take a while before we have an Armory version that is 100% production ready. Right now, it just ain’t ready for real production because there is still many things to be added, improved and debugged with much testing.

So far, as far as a unified workflow its ok, but just not intuitive at all.

State machine and global variables (in logic nodes).

There are already global variables, use a set property and a global object node.

Ha ok, thanks. So waiting for state machine :wink:

Great stuff. Getting the templates overhauled for v0.2. Will keep this bookmarked for more! State machine would be handy…

Ya, I would ask for more tutorials for the most part. In terms of actual engine features, a bit better support for 3D audio would be a good idea. Blender’s native audio setup is rather…well…underwhelming.

I agree 100%. The main reason I chose armory is because of how amazing it looks, and with these particle fires that can’t even emit light like an actual fire brings me down. There are definately ways to render fire in realtime, as you can already do it in blender. The fire viewport actually doesn’t look too bad, and I’d love to see something to at least that level. If you can implement the fire but not how it emits light, that’s fine, too.


seriously, tho, could the fire in the viewport actually be rendered in armory?

The fire in the viewport? Which fire do you mean? Link/image?

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Ok you meant the Blender smoke simulator. Not sure if it’s possible to do an implementation of the smoke simulator with all features that works well at 60 fps/real-time. If it was possible I would think the Blender guys would already have done it?

Regarding what to expect in terms of future possibilities in Armory look at what kind of particle systems are possible in Unity and UE4 etc… I would expect something similar will be possible at some point down the line.

@lubos, what do you say?

oh, what about this?

Guessing that isn’t real-time either. The linked paper doesn’t mention performance, and I’m guessing they would have mentioned that it was real-time if they were able to get that kind of performance.

Simulating smoke, fire, liquids in real-time with realistic object collision + self-collision, lighting, shadows is very resource demanding. To get it to run at 60 fps usually some corners are cut, and for example collision is skipped, or lighting and shadows etc.

NVIDIA can do smoke, fire, liquids in their GameWorks lib using FlameWorks and Flow, and AMD has something similar… however there are limitations even in these implementations. NVIDIAs implementation only works with DX11/12 for example…

Stuff that is technically possible (with varying performance and limitations):