Armory on Solus Linux (unable to select GPU in Blender)


I recently switched over to Solus Linux and am trying to get Armory up and running. Currently, I am unable to select my GPU (GTX 970) from within the modified Blender build that comes with Armory (no compute device listed in user settings). Solus has some annoying issues with CUDA right now, and the current work around is to run Blender once as root (or with sudo) which will allow you to select your GPU normally. This workaround seems to last until the system is rebooted (or possibly until logout, I haven’t tested that yet…). Unfortunately, while this works for the regular version of Blender (I am using Blender through Steam) it does not seem to work for Armory…

Using the play button for Armory seems to work fine (and I would image it uses the GPU properly), but I would like to be able to use my GPU in Blender as well (for example, when trying to match Cycles vs Armory shading).

Any help or workaround advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

Use regular blender and add armory as an addon.

I have that problem in windows 10, too, but I thought it was for everyone like this. And in the addon-version I can use the gpu, but I would like to use the aromry build when using armory so lubos pls fix.

I’m able to use CUDA in both regular blender 2.79 as well as in Armory build 13. Running Arch Linux.

I need to (finally) bundle CUDA kernels to make it work on Windows, however this should not be an issue on Linux or MacOS(?).

Curious why it works for the regular version though, and why the armory one works on Arch. Maybe I am missing some compile flags? Will try to dig further into it.

Hi @lubos.

I’m also a Solus user and I have been investigating CUDA support in the past. Solus has no proper support for CUDA, even using official blender.

I’m adding a link to the dev history of this short investigation I did in the past in the Solus forums:

Please, click in “Show Older Changes” to read the full conversation if you are interested.

@SnippedPaws, It seems that even if armory comes with proper support for CUDA, Solus user will still need to wait. Let’s hope this gets fixed from Solus part now that IKey is fulltime with Solus.

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Hi @artblanc,

I’m new to Solus but I did do some brief investigation before switching. When you say that Solus has no proper support, do you mean that you are unable to get CUDA rendering working at all for Blender on your configuration? Because that is not the case for me - I am able to use CUDA for GPU rendering from within the regular Blender 2.79 release on Steam.

In the meantime, I’ll take a look at using the plugin for Blender.

Hi @SnippedPaws,

CUDA Rendering works for me with official blender only if I do the workaround of executing with sudo and configure it every time I reboot. In the past this was only possible if nvidia-modprobe was installed manually and matching the version with your nvidia-driver.

It seems that Solus now includes this nvidia-modprobe by default with the new driver packages. So no need to manually install it and the workaround should work out of the box. But in order to be able to use CUDA without workarounds some modifications are needed in Solus.

On the other hand, it’s also a mystery to me why armory is reported to work with CUDA in Arch linux and not in Solus (with the workaround; I don’t see a way of having CUDA working in Solus without the workaround for now).

@artblanc I see. So we are both experiencing the same behavior. That’s good - at least it is consistent. I was actually on Manjaro prior to Solus, and I did note that my GPU was detected for Armory then as well. Unfortunately, I switched because my install was doing some strange things, including crashing when attempting GPU rendering of more complex scenes.

I too am curious what the Arch people have done to get things working… Definitely something to look into.

Sorry for the quick post (posting from phone):

Switching to linux too.
I hope to try Solus or Arch soon on Linux with Ryzen and Polaris or Vega GPU.

Now i’m testing Armory Linux on my Mac but i’m limited to very few compatible distros.

Just in case you didn’t notice.

With the last version of Solus, the official blender version is able to use CUDA as Cycles Compute Device.