Armory or UPBGE?

I like the vehicles in UPBGE, easy to setup, full physics body and wheels, stable car physics.

You must be very experienced making 3D games.

I feel like I’m now on the UPBGE forum. I need to make sure I’m on the right forum for Armory.

Only one year and a half, so many switches! I use it as a hobbyist.
But yes, by now I do know the basics of game development.

You must choose what you feel is right for your project, in other words choose what is quicker and what is best suited and adapted for yr project.


I find it very funny to see that people have very pessimistic views about UPBGE when in fact UPBGE has the most Games compared to Armory!

Lets face it thats just the harsh reality guy’s UPBGE has so much Tutorials and content and is even becoming better its latest Build UPBGE 2.4 is the best you can get from Blender’s Game Engine!

(Now i love Armory and RESPECT Armory for what it is and how much more Powerful it is to the rest of the other engines, unfortunately Armory is still in its Early Days in its development and people are still experimenting with it)

for now UPBGE and BGE are way better for a noob to start making games immediately, Armory is for prototyping at this point since its still a very buggy engine!


Armory = So Much Power !!!

With so much power comes the consequences however i seee Armory 09 and 10 Kick-starting a whole bunch of New Beautifully created games never seen before!

but for now lets the devs and hobbyists experiment and learn for the time being, and stop comparing Armory to UPBGE because seriously guys Armory is not yet at UPBGE level as far as made games are concerned!


For commercial games Armory = yes, Upbge = no or avoid

Have a good read lol

i dont care abt licenses i know that UPBGE is basically for free games
but answer my question!

How many Games or should i say “Commercial Games” Does Armory have that beats UPBGE Games to date?

Once you answer that question i’ll give u credit and support yr opinion!


This thread discussion won’t bring you any new informations.
I don’t know what is your point or opinion about Armory or Upbge, and i’m not interested to know more.

As you said :

As much as I liked BGE, and respected the UPBGE people for bringing it forward, in my opinion Armory has the winning technology. And this technology is: Haxe.

The importance of this can’t be over-emphasized. Haxe is a cross-platform toolkit that targets many different environments successfully, whether or not the application in question has anything at all to do with gaming. It generates native source-code that is compiled by native compilers. (Plus, it generates better Flash object-code than Adobe ever did.) And, it actually, provably, works. I’ve been using it for years now – “write JavaScript myself? Surely you jest.”

BGE, on the other hand, is a game-engine “within Blender.” Good though it may be, it simply ceases to be a contender (IMHO …) when confronted with the superior technological foundation of Haxe and therefore Armory. It has been blindsided. (And, I cordially submit, so has Unity.)


Why does this look so amazing? I almost refuse to believe that it’s real-time graphics coming from the Blender Game Engine. Those soft shadows are insane… Is this level of visual fidelity possible with Armory? Are all those post-processing techniques already implemented?

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hmmm …

Make no mistake, if UPBGE dies it will not be a good thing for Armory.

Remember, the massive majority of startup gamedevs only know about Unity/Unreal. That’s the real competition. UPBGE helps get the attention of more of those people. It helps get them familiar and comfortable with the idea of building games with an open source engine inside of Blender. Those kind of people are far more likely to give Armory a try, than people who have only ever heard of Unity/Unreal.

It’s up to Armory, Godot, UPBGE and others to convince people that free, open source game engines can do what they need as easily as they’re used to. When that becomes a common idea, people will flock from Unity/Unreal in far greater numbers than we would ever gain by taking in UPBGE’s refugees.

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UPBGE with Blender license is one major issue most studios won’t use it (While Armory 3D is fine).

I hope UPBGE will find new developers interested, it’s a great 3D engine for hobbysts or non commercial usage.

One success is not determined by the other lol

It’s not that simple lol
It’s too much earlier to advice people to use Armory until it is 1.0.

Startup or studios work in production, this is very different as hobby , lonewolf game or experimental demonstrations.
They need something that is prooven with many games sold, something very stable , working on large hardware range , with less critical bugs as possible.

It’s also a bad thing for users working with stable 3D engine to try Armory in alpha, they will be disappointed, leave and forget about Armory 3D.

No, you can’t convince ALL people to migrate open source lol
They choose non free 3D engines for many possible reasons :

  • jobs available for that 3D engine
  • paid support
  • additional services
  • training courses and certification
  • specific features
  • documentation and tutorials

Or other things can be a better feature.
Godot is free, but Game Maker 2 is lot more faster and Godot didn’t catch on performance.Many studios will prefer to spend some money.

While i agree Armory 3D or other free engine once stable and more feature complete will meet all requirement for lot of games made in other engines.

The most ready for production i tested are Godot and Xenko.
But Armory 3D can be the winner with full Blender integration, and a big base of Blender artists users once it will reach 1.0.
Make all your level design and code or logic nodes without leaving Blender is the best of the best workflow.

They will need some full game demo showcase or simple interactive ArchiViz showcase they can play and test; to understand Armory is more than some small technical demos and examples.

One important thing is perhaps Armory 3D to call for developers and delegating, like Godot, one main developer delegating more, leading and helping others to work on the 3D engine or features.

Well … enough talk for me lol
ArmorPaint must be the more important and bigger priority with Substance Adobe change.

Nowhere did I write that UPBGE’s success automatically determined Armory’s, or that all new users should be trying Armory right now or that we will manage to convince everyone to use open source engines.

All three are strawman arguments.

At the end of the day, the question is: who is more likely to try Armory. A user used to using blender for all their content creation along with a game engine integrated into it, or an Autodesk user, used to Unity/Unreal?

Given that there far more of the latter, could we not use more help to get more of the former?

Also, who is more likely to help and cross promote us? Another Blender based, FOSS engine, or the corporation behind a product who’s (partial) revenue we may potentially threaten one day?

Notice that these statements/questions deal in probability, not automatic, deterministic causality.

Just saying avoid getting on board users thinking there won’t be critical bugs or thinking Armory is ready for production.
Otherwise, yes other people are welcome.

I’m among those thinking there is place for every software, whatever it is free or commercial.
Different software for different needs.
About your question , i don’t know, ask Lubos lol

I completely agree. I was talking about the impact UPBGE disappearing would impact on Armory in the future when, hopefully, Armory is eventually more production ready.

I’m among those thinking there is place for every software

Once again, I didn’t say there isn’t. I’m rather glad that Unity and and Unreal exist. I don’t think it would actually be a good thing if they disappeared either, as I suspect it would lower the number of independent game developers and great indie games. I was talking purely about which engine’s users were more likely to be willing to give Armory a try and like it, along with which were more likely to help Armory as a project.

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In reference to MagicLord’s very appropriate comments, I would also like to temper my previous comments with the observation that “I, too, am a futurist, not a Fanboy.” Armory is very much in development, and not yet prepared to replace anything, but, “I’m certain that I see the future.”

For any company that sets out to produce a production video game, risk is a more crucial consideration in many ways than cost. Even “royalties” are quite routine: turn on your radio, of any kind, and someone is paying someone else for every song that you hear. (Full disclosure: “and one of them is me.”) Commercial game-engine producers really don’t have to worry about people making an adverse engine-decision based on what is simply another component of “COGS = Cost Of Goods Sold.”

But Armory has chosen to leverage Haxe, which is a tool that I am already very familiar with, and it is this, specifically which I foresee to be game-changing. (Here, as it already is in many other areas.)

Well, I was trying Armory, and it seems as though UPBGE has gotten some love. They are 2.81 now. I think learning a new language at this time may discourage people that struggled to learn just one, lol.

Please don’t think I’m tossing Armory out, by no means. But for the ease of my skills and development of my game I think I’m going to play with UPBGE until such time I can go to PS4 and Xbox style game development skills, lol.

I don’t need a jet liner to use the light to read my comic book (Quote: Harry Dresden)

It is nice to have all those pretty knobs and buttons, but the real question is "Do we really need them at the point we are at? " (Quote: Ton). So I think if you are wanting to build a game, then open your tool box, take out the proper tools and build it. But there’s no sense bringing the entire Lowes with you only to use a roll of ducktape, lol.

If you’re going to need realworld lighting… then Eevee it your tool.
If your builing the next Tomb Rader, Doom, Fallout, Fortnite, and GTA… Armory is your tool.
If your building a fun free game that people would probably play, share, and give away… then UBGE is your tool.

Either way you build it, someone will play it. and I hope you all create awesome games that people around the world will enjoy. I plan on doing just that :slight_smile:

EDIT: Stupid autocorrect doesn’t work from my smartphone, lol. Long live TypoKing(1997)

Well, this is a very old topic that probably should not be “resuscitated,” but maybe it’s important to point out that there are fundamental differences between [UP]BGE and Armory.

  • BGE is/was a facility that allowed Blender to respond in various ways to external inputs such as game controllers. When a game was running, Blender was there, actually doing the work. (Its usual GUI was out of sight …)

  • Armory is a program generator, fully integrated into the Blender environment, which through the magic of Haxe produces stand-alone programs which run on various target platforms to implement the game. Blender is the “game development environment,” but when the resulting game actually runs, Blender is not there.

The rendering technology implemented by Armory is closely patterned after Blender, especially EEVEE, but is not Blender.

Armory purposely borrows many ideas from Blender in order to integrate as smoothly as possible into its world and its general approach for doing things – e.g. “logic nodes” – but Blender technology is not involved at all in their runtime implementation.

“If you want to and if you know what you are doing, you can step outside of Armory’s comfy padded-cell and enter the world of Kha and Haxe.” You could never do such a thing with BGE, which after all "was Blender."

  • [UP]BGE = Apple.
  • Armory = Orange.