Armory or UPBGE?

Never used BGE in Blender before, but now i wanna go in gamedev ))
So i wonder (as a novice) what to choose start learning? Armory or UPBGE? Are there some pros and cons?

I have heard that Blender Game Engine is getting discontinued ( I don’t know what UPBGE stands for though ), so that would make the decision easy. :slight_smile: I have also heard from someone on these forums that Armory’s Logic node system is much nicer to use than BGE’s logic bricks.


Upbge is the same old brick system just implemented in 2.8 no new system
Armory is constantly developing and is much more efficient than upbgd
I have tried both and would recommend armory3d


Unlike BGE Armory 3D is more active and becoming a complete game engine, designed to allow making more complex games than BGE.
Armory will also make it easy to publish when it will have assets packaging and protection.
Armory 3D is the 3D engine Blender users awaited.


I agree with @MagicLord, might I just mention that making games with BGE is usually more fun and more satisfying, so, I would suggest that you learn BGE first (Then Armory) in some conditions:
you don’t know anything about game making.
you are OK with the limitations that BGE has.
I personally learned blender modelling first, that gave me the knowledge for game making, and after that, I went for unity, then BGE then Armory. currently, I make prototypes with Armory, then import assets to unity and continue there.

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I agree Armory is great to prototype, with logic nodes it’s easy to make specific gameplay.

Armory for sure. Its my choice.

BGE and UPBGE are not the same , i mix matched them :sweat_smile:

Upbge has good capabilities, with some graphic updates planned it could become a good other option.

Lats update has good additions, multi threaded physics and the new python component template and UI are great improvments.

Release notes :

There is an active forum thread

When the game is not about realistic graphics and lighting but something more stylized, it is already a good option.

Complete car physics collisions

A game on Steam

Rendering it should have soon

Upbge looks like another good 3D engine for Blender, specially when it will get graphics update.

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Upbge had some logic nodes addon also, it has good nodes like one that is multi purpose

Well … let’s hope Upbge will also grow, it’s better Blender users also have more choice about Blender 3D engines instead of less choice.


I have to say that in terms of gameplay UPBGE is ahead of armory, mostly due to HUGE amount of tutorials of the regular BGE. Armory has its own benefits(Graphics mainly, Haxe(Kha), rust and C language and logic nodes). I encourage trying both.
One last thing: BLENDER IS AWESOME!!!


This guy made lot of great tutorials, it’s not English but videos are easy to follow when you need how to make something in particular.

2.79 or 2.8 ?

I work with 2.8, it has nice visuals and icons, but it is less practical, and i prefer older versions.

  • the 3D View with select,move , rotate toolbar should be at window bottom like before
  • I didn’t find the show hidden faces button
  • we can’t dock toolbars where we want
  • When UV edit like before it does not appear in the new UV edit window (top menu)
  • It starts to become too bloated
  • Blender seem slower , less responsive.

Well … we don’t have choice, fortunately there will be community to make changes or improve it, and propose alternative version fork.

Do you know any other software that is open-source, a full game engine, 3d modeling+animation , 2d animations, vfx, motion tracking, video editing, compositing, image editing, texturing, shading, sculpting, materilaizing, ray tracing, real time, etc.
In my opinion 2.8 is better for me. Do not forget it is developing.
I was talking about software.

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You have animation or model to modify, you can do it right away and hit play game.

I was talking about some Blender 2.8 interface changes that disappoint me.
For example in scene hierarchy panel, a child object is no more strictly under the parent object , perhaps it’s missing , i hope it’s not a change in hierarchy and parenting objects.

Well … it’s all good for Blender users, UPBGE , Armory 3D and Blender 2.8 Eevee interactive mode

Blender users have choice :wink:

I like 2.8 because i work on laptop with no additional mouse. The interface of 2.8 helps laptop users a lot.
Any way who doesn’t agree that blender is an amazing tool?

Maya and 3DSMax users.

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LOL :rofl::
You are right

It’s amazing how much this guy achieved using UPBGE

Thanks for your replies ))

So, which are you using then?
You just provided us a complete BLOG for comparison.
Thanks for creating this thread.

Why he would not use both ? :wink:

UPBGE is more stable with few games on Steam and some game jams, it has already everything to make a game, Armory would not bring anything else to those except some new graphics options.

Or this one that reminds Super Hot game.

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