Armory player - warning during compilation?

I copied this tutorial, yet ended up with a warning during compliation. Why did this happen, and how do I solve this? Unfortunately, when I tried to open up the console, nothing was mentioned

Hi, what warnings do you get from your project? The video you pointed out is quite old (~3 years) and so maybe not as relevant, I am not sure.

But the warnings in the Blender system console would help us better understand the issue.

pardon the stupid question, but do you know how to open the Blender system console? Tried to search it on Youtube, but found nothing relevant.

  • To see error messages, press Menu bar - Window - Toggle System Console in Blender.

Here is the error

In the image I see 2 warnings.

The first one is the armature: no action assigned.

This means that withe the armature does not have an animation or that the animation is not stashed in the action editor.

The second one with a code 3221226505 seems to ba a random crash. Is it a random crash? Or does it crash every time? If not random, please share your blend file.

test.blend (3.1 MB)

Note: the character here looks stupid, but that’s because I’m simply learning how to develop a game in Armory3D. Hence I didn’t care about its design