Armory problems


i am new to armory but not new to blender… i have been using blende sens 2011…
reasntly me and my brothers dicaded to start doing our own projects
and wanted to use armory …

so i hade armory and blender 2.81 and instulled armory …

my problems are…

1- whene i run armory player it works find … but crashes whene there are any textures in the scene …

2- when i run armory … with any character … the armeture dosnt work … and it just goes back to the idol pose … like if i never riggied the character … but it works fine in the 3d viewport !!!

how can i fix this …

i am running on windows 10 64 I5 4 giga rams

Hi @alf. Welcome to Armory Forum.

It might be a good idea to take a look at the console as you may see an error.

If you post a test file or explain it with images, it may be easier to understand the situation.

  1. Are texture nodes used with default settings other than image file names? Some configuration values ​​may not yet support non-default settings.
  1. Is the action set with keyframes only? May not work if using driver

thanks for answearing …

for your first question … i am not sure that i really understand it … but the textures woks fine in eevee view … the moment i push play… it crashes … and whene i remove the textures from the materials it works fine …

for your second question … the actions set on the keyframes and the NLA editor

the problem isnt just that the animation dont work in sometimes … the problem is that the mish works as if its not rigged … yet it works if i just pressed space to run the animation on eevee !!!

Hello @alf,

Could you maybe show your node setup for the textures. Also, what does the Blender Console say about the error?


For texture issues, will need what @QuantumCoderQC asks.

For action issue:
Here is an example using actions.

The actions performed at initial timing are used without stripping in the NAL editor. If you want to use stripped action at initial timing, you have to specify it yourself like an image.

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thank you for answearing … i am abit away from home but i will try to provide some …
about the animation … i notesed that the only thing that dosent wark are the IK