Armory showcase

I think Armory will need a 3D showcase game demo showing it’s potential able to do almost as good as Unity latest renderer.
Something as impressive as the Godot one, perhaps not the same theme, but something showcasing Amory 3D great features and capability.

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That’s certainly something to aim for. Nice lighting. I was just watching the Gamefromscratch video .

There is a probeGI voxel lighting system in Godot, and lightmap also able to use voxel data. It could be superior rendering to Armory 3D in terms of lighting and global illumination, but perhaps i’m wrong and it’s only my point of view.

About some Armory demo, outdoor games are very popular, why not some Fallout 4 inspired game demo, more easy to make without needing some skilled indoor modeler.
A demo about performance, using instancing and particles for displaying large number of grass trees and rocks; with some smart enemy using navmesh and some few buildings around.

Wow nice game - I feel jealous because you have made it? How did you take while? 2 month’s or more? Do you like release game to Steam or emscripten ( Webassembly ) and you want sell game? My belly feels ideas like you made. Nice job. But in-game looks high level polys, right?

Calm down.
It’s not my work, it’s a Godot demo project, you can download Godot and the the demo if you wish.


I see that. I found Tpsdemo of Godot. I have to use with Godot. It looks very better than Unity3D because Godot has fast generation of baking lightmap. I am using now with Godot. I am working in process. I think you will be surprised.

You made my day :rofl:

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