Armory v0.1 is out!

New builds are up and can be downloaded at:

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Super happy to report that v0.1 release notes are finally out! Check out what’s new going from the preview 12 up to now.

Release notes:

  • Animation improvements - much faster export, fixed bone weights, blending actions, improved frame time handling, action support for non-armature objects, delta location/rotation/scale keyframes, playback with negative speed, looping.

  • Physics - Armory Props - Linear/Angular factor property for rigid bodies. This allows to freeze rigid body movement on desired axis.

  • Physics - Armory Props - Ghost - use rigid body as volume trigger only, disables contact response.

  • Rigid body deactivation parameters are now taken into account.

  • Rigid body collision groups are now taken into account.

  • Fixed Armory Render Props - Volumetric Fog compile.

  • Similar to object traits, it is now possible to attach traits to scenes itself.

  • New Armory Render Path - Blending property. This is being used for additive blending pass, for example on particles.

  • Proper Blender camera params handling. Camera view should be now 1:1 in Armory / Blender viewport using the same camera setup.

  • New option Armory Player - Camera - Viewport Shared. When playing in viewport, the camera will stay in sync with Blender.

  • Use Armory Render Path - Global Illumination property to enable Voxel GI / AO now.

  • Added Armory Render Path - Resolution property. Allows to limit resolution to 480p/720p/1080p/…, useful on mobile devices with high resolution displays.

  • Added Armory Project - Texture / Sounds Quality property. This gives hint to the build system on what quality to use during conversion. Will be eventually exposed per-asset.

  • More webassembly support in progress. Switching to webassembly powered ammo/bullet module for JS targets in upcoming build.

  • New Proxy tools. This allows to synchronize objects linked from multiple blend files. Eases the job of separating project into smaller, self-contained blends.

  • More work on b2.8 / eevee compatibility. v0.1 running on b2.8 will be up soon, older preview 14 is already up.

  • Improved support for groups. New logic nodes for group handling.

  • New scriptable render path system under the hood. Much more lightweight and powerful. Allows to modify or create custom rendering paths using scripting.

  • Fixed full-screen window mode on Windows when playing in Krom.

  • Templates in armory_examples are being improved (using the animated rig from mixamo now).

  • Smaller HTML5 exports - for a default cube (minified, forward renderer) you should get down to 500KB in size. The minifier will be eventually included in the build process, in the meantime you can minify kha.js file yourself at or similar.

  • New Armory Exporter - Scene property. Allows to manually set which scene to start in. This prevents accidents of starting in actively selected scene in exported game.

  • Check armory and iron commit history for more!

  • Armory Updater should now be more robust. Update to the latest Armory any time!

Next up:

  • Continue to resolve all of the issues on GitHub, kill all the bugs!
  • Begin armorbench2 game prototype.
  • Define a roadmap to v1.0.

The plan is to release one more build before the year ends, and then reach v1.0 (production-ready) next year. Please report any regressions you are facing at GitHub so we can have them fixed. :slight_smile:

Happy creating!


Congratulations! I am very excited about the progress of armory. I am making my first little game with armory right now, hopefully I can help test the engine even more.

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Wow, awesome release notes. I’ve been waiting for you to open up a Patreon. I just dedicated a dollar a month (soon to be struggling college student. I’m sorry I can’t afford more) before I even read the release notes. When I finally finish high school and get my college acceptance letters I’ll be sure to head back to Armory to give whatever the newly released version of it is at the time a go. I miss being able to make games. I look forward to returning to the venture.

This is amazing.
On another note, if someone could recommend a really killer tutorial on animation blending or make a really short video on it just showing the essentials needed for using it with armory, would be awesome. Battling uphill with a new plat here.
But this right here, stellar.

Awesome work as always @lubos!! :slight_smile:

Hi @Xico,

  1. Basic object animation tutorial

  2. Animation actions tutorial. Actions can be called from a NodeTree or a script to start/stop/switch animations during runtime.


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Thank you for the guidance @guzzard.

Hey,guys. Jeremiah here and I want to tell you that I have improved the ArmoryPBR node group. It now supports SSS Radius as a color input and Clearcoat. It has the Anisotropic reflection settings,it has Sheen,improved Normal inputs,a new Microdisplacement input,Rim Color for metal material and improved Glass shading.

Wanna try it out? Go to the source code in Github and find it in the Blender folder. It’s labeled as arm_data_new. It’ll open you to a whole new world of shading.

Searched using key T in Armory Master branch repository, nothing with that name comes up @JeremiahTDK.

Here’s the link:

It shows under my name on Github.

Thanks. Will give it a whirl.

As important as releasing new features is to release documentation. So people will know how to use it.

Remember that some things cannot be known from seeing a simple example file, in which you can’t tell how some things have been done.


EDIT: Ignore this, I just found it in materials.

Happy to see support for billboard, I’m trying to figure out how it’s implemented but I don’t see any armory traits for the sprites in the tilesheet example. What am I missing? (probably something obvious) Any help would be hugely appreciated.

Where does the specular input go?

The specular input isn’t necessarily needed. It’s best to exclude it from the node group.

Yea, but there are some people who still prefer the specular workflow. You should keep it, but make it optional, like the Principled BSDF.

Okay. I’ll update it. How is the Displacement feature by any chance? Do you think it needs some improvements?

Does Armory support clearcoat, anisotropy, and sheen/sheen tint in the default principled shader now?

I’m not really sure yet.