Armory WebXR, specifically WebAR functionality

I want to build some webAR games using armory.

I have looked into the Webvr and the old sample project dino vr. I have also looked at the kha libraries for webvr. How difficult would it be to update these libraries. Is there someone who might be able to advise on this?


Hello and welcome to the forum. Sorry for the late reply.

Armory is no longer compatible with the VR/WebVR source and there isn’t any plans to reimplement support for it. While not exactly related to the Armory side of things, Armory is no longer a fork of Blender, but rather a Blender add-on.

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Hi rpaladin,

Thank you for your response. I have the addon installed and have followed the community for quite some time. I do actually have a license for it from before it was open-sourced.

I know the webVR modules have been depreciated but have tried to revive or update them to webxr and could do with a little direction with it. I really only want to access the webAR module of webxr, if this makes sense. I have followed the trail and see that the haxe js library does not include a webxr module for the moment and by extension neither do the kha libraries. I have not yet given in, and I hope to find some work around to this problem.

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There is this Kha section: Kha/Sources/kha/vr at main · armory3d/Kha · GitHub

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