Armory weird physics

I can move forward a vehicle applying a force and turn on X axis for testing.

When i rotate it on X axis and let the object behave with physics, it’s like gravity doesn’t work.
If i move it forward it keeps weird orientation and doesn’t fall on ground with gravity.

What is going on with physics ?

Armory getting new graphics features is useless when gameplay is bad.
(to make it clear i’m working on a commercial game in UE4 with a teammate so there is no hurry and i don’t mind if there is no fix for physic bug).

Another bug was player collision stuck inside another collision volume

I’m really disappointed about Armory poor physics implementation.
While it’s not really blocking it’s not great.

Armory must implement continuous collision detection for fast moving objects.

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This has been mentioned many times in different posts but it looks like it doesn’t have a high priority. It’s way worse for soft body physics. If you have fixed that bug, you may consider doing a Pull Request to Armory. Hopefully @lubos will do something about physics issues sooner.

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Has there been any updates to the physics solvers in Armory to resolve issues like this?

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