Armory3D packaged with blender github repo

I am creating github repo for Armory3D that is packaged with blender, because blender 2.8 keep changing all the time, and re-downloading blender and re-doing whole setup process can be annoying.

I have 3 repos for different platform:

Only Windows is done right now, will do MacOS tomorrow. I don’t have Linux machine, so if anyone is interested in completing Linux than feel free to file PR :slight_smile:


Wow! Really nice of you! Do you plan on supporting this long-term? So do you manually compile and update the Blender version because that’s a ton of work I guess?

Yes, I will support it till blender 2.8 stable officially release.
No, I don’t compile blender version, I download it from website and put it and i will update blender once a week(after armory is update to blender api changes)


thank you so much for this!

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Will you have the Mac version done? I have tried to build it; but unsuccessfully. If you can get the Mac version to work, I would be very interested to find out how you did it, too.