Armory3D PBR Node

Hey,everyone. I’m JeremiahTDK and I just joined the Armory3D site. I’ve helped the head of Armory,Lubos Lenco before over two months ago by improving their PBR node group and several days ago,I was thinking to myself,“Wait. Blender came out with a new shader. Why not I create an actual node for Armory from scratch that can surpass Principled?” So,I came up with the idea to create a more compact and easy-to-use node. I’m calling it the APR node.

Now you’re wondering “What does APR stand for? I’ve never heard of it.”,so I’ll gladly answer that question. APR stands for Armory Physical Realism which is my new and simpler way of saying PBR or Physically Based Rendering. This new node when it’s complete will be so simple and not only will it look real,but It’ll feel real too. It will offer a new perspective and easier workflow for creating all kinds of realistic material with just one singe node.

This new shader will have 7 modes: Dielectric,Metallic,Glass,Cloth,Hair,SSS(Subsurface Scattering) and Emission. I’ll explain the purpose of each one for those of you who are new to 3D rendering.

A dielectric is a non-metal object such as skin,hair,cloth and glass. The Glass,Subsurface Scattering,Cloth,Hair and Dielectric settings are all dielectric modes,but what separates them is each one offers many different features. A metallic object is obviously just a metal object,but unlike a dielectric,it only reflects light which means that metal is 100% Gloss. Right now,I’m not experienced with coding,so I’ll study it and the coding of the normal Cycles nodes and then use this research along with that of the Blender Guru and Chocofur to assist me along the way. Soon,you’ll all have the most advanced shader in all of Blender right at your fingertips. So arrivederci e buona fortuna and I’ll see you all next time.

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Hello Jeremiah, glad to see you here!

Looking forward to your adventures on this matter. Build 12 will spot some internal improvements regarding the emission, hopefully that will come handy. I am also keeping your totem model around, it’s handy.

Hey,Lubos. It’s been a while. I’ll follow a tutorial by CG Cookie to teach me how to code. We both know that creating a node from scratch coding is going to be nerve-racking,but the potential payoff is huge. I mean,the Glass shading took more than likely hours of work to correctly produce.

I appreciate that I’m able to help all of you in the Armory team. The reason I made this post is for some reason,the new Principled shader still doesn’t seem that realistic to me. The SSS fragment of Principled isn’t either. I mean,seriously,it doesn’t mix the SSS and diffuse correctly at all.

When I imagine proper SSS,I see it like my own skin or a ball of clay. The albedo and SSS has to mix properly,otherwise it’ll look lifeless and bland,like a rock. I have no problem with the Emission setting on the current node group,I love it. I just think that by making a true node for the Armory engine,we can show the world how advanced it really is. Plus,the modes can make the node more compact so you can keep focus on one feature without being distracted by the rest.

Wish me luck,mi amico.

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Hey any progress with the nobe ?

No. I tried to find a tutorial on how to create custom nodes from scratch coding weeks ago,but to no avail. I finally decided a few minutes ago to start from node groups to help me out in my crusade. If you can please help me find a node coding tutorial,it could help me out.
You must search ( blender script nobe)

Hey,Lubos. I found out that they used two different color sockets for Diffuse and SSS color. For a minute there,I thought it was a SSS Radius color socket. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I still haven’t started with the node yet but when I have the time,I will.

I’ve also come up with an idea for a new rendering engine for Blender that can be compatible with Armory. I’m naming it,Renaissance. It’s a new rendering engine that combines Blender Cycles shading with a Blender Internal UI for quick node modifications and a real-time material and real-time render view very much like Eevee. It’s a rebirth for the Blender Internal engine. It’ll still use samples when you render a scene of course,but when I crack it,it’ll be much faster than the original Cycles engine.

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ummm… wouldn’t that basically be the Principled shader?

My new shader is more compact and has features that the Principled shader doesn’t. It is inspired by it but no,it is not the same thing.

will it have built in Fresnel?

It will. I just started with a simple code so I’m not that experienced with it yet. It will will be based off of Blender’s new Principled shader along with a couple of others. It will help me out in the quest for APR’s completion.