Armory3D terrain system discussion

Hey everyone,
Just starting a discussion about terrain systems for Armory3D. Currently as far as I am aware Armory3D has no terrain system. So this could be an awesome improvement. :slight_smile:

Personally speaking I would like to see the following from a terrain system in Armory3D.

General -

  1. Heightmap based
  2. CDLOD support (Example)

Tooling -

  1. The ability to use splat maps from 3rd party apps such as World Machine, Terrasculptor, GeoControl, etc.
  2. Tiled Terrain import for MMO scale and Open world games.

What would you like to see from a terrain system in Armory3D?


Of course it would be cool if we have that, but other features like more logic nodes, better (less bugy) lightning, a better viewport and particles support would be more important to me.

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You are right. The core bits of tooling and the engine in general need to be put in before we think about terrain. :slight_smile:

Either way - I am going to drop this here for @lubos - Might be useful.

I also agree there is still plenty of work to do on core stuff. Will come handy as a future reference though. :slight_smile:


I fully agreed with HeadClot, to make good game, features like Heightmap anc CDLOD and tiled for MMO are really cool features.

One of the features that would be cool is to have a brush tool to add foliage like in UE4 or Cryengine. Because wheightpaint and particle density a little too long to do.

Maybe try this addon (not free)

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