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In August, I began to study the Armory3D engine, and then, in order to better understand it, I decided to write about it and start a blog. I wrote a couple of articles on a local site (in my native language), but people were not interested and I dropped it. I began to participate a little in its development.
But the articles remained. And I translated them with the help of Google Translate (because I can’t do that much myself and I don’t know English well enough). Perhaps someone can use my scribbles…
As a result, here are the links:

  1. Achievement “Hello world!”
  2. Achievement “First Step”

If everything is very bad, please let me know and I would rather delete it :slight_smile:


There are also old lessons from Gamefromscratch:
As a basis, they can probably come up.

Awesome! Maybe add it to this list:

Edit: some small note: Kha is not a game engine but a graphics framework, Iron however is one.


Hello, colleague! You can links to the original.

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Foolish people! )
I think the situation will improve when Blender and Armory are more famous

Don’t delete anything. With “the world on a string” )
smeshnoy perevodchik )))

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Привет! :slight_smile:
You are welcome: 1 and 2.

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I’m not against. I’m just worried about the quality :slight_smile:


There are no lessons on creating a character with third-person controls.

I haven’t seen any lessons, but there are examples:

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