Armory3D vs UPBGE

Over the past years, numerous people have asked me whether @armory3d or @UPBGE1 is better.

This finally has led me to make a list that visualizes both their strength & weaknesses:

Which game-engine do you think is better?

#b3d #armory3d #upbge

  • Armory3D
  • Both
  • Other
  • Not Sure

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Poll mirrored here & here.

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Your link text ( is different from the link (which is a shortened Twitter referral link). Please fix.

Hi. I don’t understand. The main list link is a Github link. The rest of the links are indeed Twitter related links that I posted as a side note if that is what you’re asking.

The text is a Github link, but the actual clickable hyperlink is:
I was pointingout that discrepancy and hoping you’d change it so the visible text and the hyperlink were the same. One main reason is the Twitter-shortened redirect links are designed for tracking purposes (data collecting by Twitter) and are, thus, not privacy-respecting. For a lot of us here, that is less than ideal, so we may feel a bit deceived. I kinda did, but figured it was just some oversight and not anything deliberate.

Hope that clears it up.

And I read your comparison, as well as the responses on BlenderArtists. It was very well done! It was also kinda funny seeing that guy freaking out over the licensing, before realizing that it was actually probably fine.

Thanks for pointing that out, I can reproduce now when hovering over the link. To my knowledge, I have no control over whether Twitter shortens my links? I did not originally use a shortened link; Twitter did. I agree it looks “suspicious” but I also think most people can see that it’s not as for some reason in the visual Twitter post it is not showing it as a shortened link.


Thank you : )
Feel free to suggest any pull-requests for new content on Github.

Yeah… he’s like that sometimes. He’s one of the UPBGE developers actually.

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Yeah, I was just thinking of editing the post here (and maybe BA) to fix the link, since Twitter will do what it wants.

Pull requests

Well, I don’t know any code, so I probably won’t be contributing that way. But, maybe opening issues or making some content, in the future. For now, I’ll continue mostly letting people know this exists.

He’s like that (UPBGE dev)

Haha, really? That’s pretty funny. I guess he would know about the GPL limitations/annoyances for game developers. If that wasn’t an issue, then Lubos and the EVEE(/Blender PBR branch) creator would probably have been working on the internal BGE and it would never have been deprecated.

The difference regarding the license is not mentioned in your overview.

If you want to publish to web-gl you need something like blend4web. Their free version forces you to share your entire creation, else you need to pay like a thousand bucks for a Pro license. Apart from that Armory crashes rarely on me. The compilation errors where more annoying. With some practice they become more rare, cause you learn to avoid the pitfalls automatically. I love the multi target approach and being able to try things out by just pressing F5.

Paying a thousand bucks just for publishing to Web seems like a headshot for UP-BGE to me. PC as sole target simply doesn´t cut it anymore nowadays.

My 2 cents.

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First of all, that is an excellent idea, I’ll implement a section regarding that subject later this week, thanks for the idea!

I don’t understand, Blend4Web & UPBGE are completely unrelated. Blend4Web developers were fired a few years after its creation and thus attempting to buy a “Pro” license would be invalid as well.

Oh, i did not know that. There website seems to be alive and trying to sell it.


In that case it might be better to misspell it… don´t want to advertise that.

So how do you publish to web for UPBGE?

I made a Blender pause after they removed the BGE (R.I.P.) and did not return to it for an extended time period and simply missed those transition attempts from BGE to UPBGE. I also sucked at using logic bricks anyway.

You can’t : P
It can only export Desktop applications, as I stated in my comparisons list.

Created a “licenses” section in the comparisons list:

First of all, thanks for everyone who participated in this poll!
Secondly, I’d like to urge anyone who has a moment to vote at the other forum (BlenderArtists) if they haven’t already:

There’s a lot of Armory votes in this thread but not so much in the other thread and I can’t help but wonder is this because some of you didn’t see it linked at the bottom of my original post.

Armory is still alive and active, and this is a great way to advertise that.