Armory's tutorial

I decided to create tutorials for Armory, for now I have only done Save/Load Mechanism Tutorial, will def add more!

You can check below:

and the repo is:

Project’s source code repo is:

If you have any problems(grammer/typos, bug, incomplete explanation,/overly explained/wrongly explained, missing stuffs), suggestion for new tutorial, feel free to tell me.

and BTW, is licensing necessary for tutorial like this, i want to make it available for everyone, but i have read somewhere that without any license no one can contribute to it.


Since you authored this material (this installment …), you implicitly own what you have written and you are free to declare your copyright on the same. But, right now, “it’s all your baby.”

If you want this to be a cooperative effort that accepts contributions by others, you should adopt and announce an appropriate GPL license that will apply to the resulting collection. Once the copyright position that governs all contributions has been made clear, you can solicit other contributions and act as the editor and the compiler. You should do this. Set the legal ground rules, so that contributors will clearly understand the lens by which their [also copyrighted …] contributions – and, the resulting collection – will be viewed.

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Thanks, I choosed Zlib license for it.

Switched theme to docsify!(The one that armory’s manual used)

Edit 1: My bad, changed it again:

Edit 2: Made it changeable


Why you don’t contribute directly to Armory manual instead of doing your own stuff.

I have done a lot of contribution directly to Armory manual too, but I think manual should be about documentation of engine features, and putting tutorial there would become hard to manage as it will have lots of page as I am planning to add more and more tuts. and also manual is in github wiki now, so it will be harder for people to find them, because not many people check github wiki, unless someone point them.


I am extremely encouraged to see a Tutorials project and wish you the very best of success … and plenty of high-quality contributors. (To me, “this shouldn’t merely be left to hit-and-miss Youtube.”)

In the Blender world, for example, we have many talented presenters who have made a business of selling(!) high-quality educational materials. (And I would openly encourage you to explore partnering and/or collaborating with them. “Armory” is unquestionably “also in the Blender space.”)

(“Would I pay for [some of …] this?” Yes. Just be sure to make me think that I got much more than I paid for, as any good entrepreneur would do.)

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Hey @BlackGoku36 that’s great! Good job on the new site! :smiley:

:+1: :tada: :partying_face:


Added Canvas tutorial

In this tutorial, we will create canvas using Armory2D, learn about it and then add and control canvas’s element using Haxe.


Canvas tutorial’s Source Code:

Thanks @MikeRobinson and @zicklag! I highly appreciate it!


Added Tilesheet video tutorial done by @smxham

In this tilesheet video tutorial, Smxham will cover following:

  1. Demo of what is currently possible with tilesheets .
  2. Software example to make your own sprite sheet.
  3. How to make explosion effect in Armory3D using tilesheets .
  4. Applying tilesheets in game scenario.

Tilesheet tutorial’s source code:


learning by example is probably the most quick and efficient way to teach to people who had already experience in IT. Text books are very academically-correct but you we don’t need to read a paragraph to figure out its utility. I think that the best way one can spread Armory is to make a good playable game-template with lots of comments and tutorials around it. So people can understand by placings things in their context.

Yes, I know I have learned Rust/Haxe/Kha/Iron/Armory by trying to make projects/examples, and I love to learn like that. The only reason I am writing basic tutorial like Canvas, and adding Tilesheet tutorial is because people at least know what they are doing and they don’t feel like I am skipping steps and that they don’t find themselves ‘completely’ lost.

I plan to add more basics tutorials like tutorials on ‘Traits’, so that I can confidently remove some obsolete paragraphs and make tutorials on-point. and then I finally plan to create a complete game tutorial, that include things like menu, saving/loading, logic scripting, proper work-flow for using both logic-node and scripting, external libraries, etc.

and also, one should not assume that everyone is from IT and have same knowledge and learning capabilities while writing tutorials :wink:


Added basics traits tutorial

In this tutorial, we will learn about what is Traits, what are different types, how to create them and rotate different cube from different traits.


Source code:


Now I guess, I will create a complete game tutorial, what do you guys want to see? Please don’t say GTA-VI :sweat_smile:


It would be interesting to make and present GTA-VI earlier than Rockstar Games.:sweat_smile:

I am interested in a dedicated game for tutorials.
The person who mastered the game code can master all the features of the game engine.
The person who mastered the tutorial game for Armory can master Armory, and the person who mastered the tutorial game for Unity can master Unity.
It means a game made up of all the features of a game engine.

I hope there is such a game. Am I saying ridiculous things? Is it easier to make GTA-VI?

Make open world zombie shooter game

Ofc and then get copystriked by them :smile:

Well said :ok_hand:

Cramming like every feature in a complete game tutorial would make the game big.
I am going for more of like, you know top games of tanks, there would be 4 players, they can shoot at each other with range and power ,could be single player(tanks can be controlled with keyboards and joysticks) or multiplayer(idk what is status of kha networking, if possible then local hosting), you can save game data in single player, fully done UI, good physics, good map (need help here, I suck at art, contributors will be credited), etc.

a what?

I don’t get much time right now, because my exams start from 16th Aug, so I will def start after it.

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Just make shooter game or real time strategy like city skyline ,clash of clans .


The most reasonable proposal !

Make a open world zombie shooter game

I like this idea! We have already 3rd person template with a shooter!
and implement Zombie’s IA could be easy! add collect some items and it’s done !

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I am experiencing massive lag bug on my macOS with FPS/TPS template and other too, and locking mouse will make it go complete bananas -> Github issue 1, Github issue 2 look like it happen on file from before blender 2.8, because I didn’t experience anything like that while creating above tutorials.
So, i don’t think I can do FPS/TPS shooter for now

That ^, I will do that

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