Awkward bumps with physics based movement

I’m new to Armory but not Blender, and I’m really enjoying using nodes to develop a game in 3D. While I’ve been able to figure out solutions for a lot of my problems over my first couple of weeks working with it on and off there’s one issue that’s stumping me. So far I have been attempting to develop full 3D games using physics based movement wherever possible, but I’ve noticed that when object hit edges of platforms there’s frequently an awkward bump. Take for instance the following situation, illustrated below:

There’s a red platform and a blue platform. They are both currently passive rigid bodies with box collisions. Their origins have both been set to their geometry in order to ensure that the collision boxes match the dimensions of the objects themselves. I have a character that is currently using impulses to move forward, and try as I may the character almost always bumps upwards just a little bit when they move from one platform to the next. I’ve briefly attempted to get around this by setting the character’s linear factor to zero on the Z axis while on the ground, but so far no luck there. It’s possible I’m overlooking situations in my node setups that might

I’ve observed similar behaviors when moving this and other characters on ground that is using the convex hull collision shape option, as well as mesh. In those cases I suspect it’s due to interacting with the edges that make up the objects in question, but I’m certainly no expert here.

Any ideas for paths forward to smooth out this movement between different objects would be much appreciated. I would prefer to continue using physics based movement if possible, but if translations are the only way around this I’m prepared to overhaul things this early in development.

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