Basic character control

Hi everyone i want to create game with armory but i dont know how to use it so .i’ve create basic model with animation. If anyone know how to make it work pls help, to make basic control (walk,run,jump) i would like to had third person.
I dont know how to program so use logic nobes.Lets make tutorial for everyone.Forgive me for my bad english.

Model :

1-60 idle anim
100 JUMP pose
161-172 run anim
200-230 walk anim

Hello Chris.
As always it seems a new version of Armory has released with a ton of new features, but the manual pages remains the same. No idea of how to use most of the stuff, and I lose a lot of time studying ‘file examples’ only to have limited knowledge.

So a lot of time to invest to achieve almost nothing. In fact, what I pretended was not to make a videogame. At first I only wanted to do cinematic realtime animations, and I even don’t know how to animate a character biped. It seems now the engine can use animated characters with animations cooked from mixamo, but when I make my very own characters animations, still the animations are rendered broken. So congrats if you have achieved it.

It seems this engine is still years away far from being usable. I cannot help you. Sorry.

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I kinda agree. The docs on github shows a little more than website does. There’s tons of logic nodes ,but you have to guess as to what they do and how your suppose to use them.

… didn’t know about mixamo, could someone please do a video tut on this !

here are some node descriptions:
still some working (mainly the actual complicated ones), but will try to spend some time on writing more docs. YOu can help too! and do so please, there are still tons of them left.


Seems like the non coder are more interested in realtime software, I waited for 10 years and so glad that there are a few but the lack of tutorial or documentation really put me off.

I got a basic third person controller working, but didn’t have time for your animations yet. Here the .blend.
3rd.blend (592.8 KB)
You need logic_pack to have it working!!
Just create a new “Libraries” folder alongside your .blend and put this stuff in it.

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