Beginnerquestions for simulation

I want to use Armory 3d for building a shipsimulator.
i have a few questions:
1 can i create little parts in blender eg 3 km x 3km set buildings on it and export it afterwards as tiles for a whole world to Armory?
2 Are there any good manuals/books about armory 3d?
3 Is it also working in blender for artists bforartists?

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i have no idea how but it should work. Depending on the detail of the parts. I think you will have to do some real time loading of you map. Small tiles of 3km x 3km sounds already pretty big to me. :smiley:
In my current project i will have some open world like map too, but i have not testet things according to that in armory. Perhaps someone else in this forum knows more about it.

I would be also interested in how to approach this.

Armory is awesome but its still young (version 0.6 beta) and there is not much documentation yet.
There are some great video tutorials that are explaining the Basics and some advanced stuff::

there is also a great pack of blender examples on github:

There are some text-based tutorials too but you won’t find a complete Book.
I think at the moment they are concentrating on developing the engine instead of wrintig documentation, what totally makes sense to me.

The easiest way is to download armory and unzip it to a folder of your choice. It already comes with the current blender 2.8 beta.


You might be able to use the scene stream feature of Armory to accomplish automatically loading and un-loading the chunks without having to write the logic yourself. There is an example here:

Then you would just put all the chunks together in Blender in one big scene and Armory would handle loading and un-loading the objects as they come in and out of range ( if it works ).

Otherwise it would be perfectly possible to implement your own logic for when to load an unload the chunks based on where you are and a chunk view distance or something like that, but I’ve not done it myself.

If you wanted to build each 3km x 3km chunks separately, without putting them together into a big blender scene, you could do that and then just make a game startup script that would assemble the world based on a text file that tells it where to put all of the chunks. The file could look something like this:


chunk1, chunk4, chunk1
chunk2, chunk3, chunk5

You could parse this file in a simple script and build the scene which would be a 3x2 grid of the named chunks.

Again this is all theoretical, but it should be in the right direction.