Best linux distrib for 3D?

What is the best Linux distrib to run Armory and other 3D applications, the better for 3D ?

I don’t really have much of an idea, but Ubuntu has a flavor called Ubuntu Studio that comes setup with creative tools and some small optimizations like a low-latency version of the Linux kernel. Other than the kernel I’m not sure if it really does much else other than install extra software for audio/image/video development, etc. You might want to look at it.


Ubuntu or Xubuntu.
I like Xubuntu because of the Xfce desktop environment and don’t like Ubuntu because of the Unity desktop environment.
Video 18.4 release:

THX :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you mean in regards to GPU performance?

Ubuntu or Linux Mint are generally the simplest in regards to avoiding any terminal commands and using a GUI to make changes and add drivers, software but that’s nothing to do with 3D.

Arch/Manjaro and Fedora have more updates, faster to receive minor improvements.