BGMC -> AGMC: "Armory Game Making Contest"

Probably most of the people who worked with BGE know the BGMC (Blender Game Making Contest). There are competitors who create their own cool little games with innovative ideas and creative designs. Afterwards the blend, script, etc. -files are shared in the community for inspiration and linking some knowledge. Everybody can show their game or games if it’s uploaded to a certain appointment.

There are some criteria and prices.

For example:

The judging criteria can be:

Gameplay Experience (45%)
Graphical Quality (25%)
Sound Design (15%)
Theme Adherence (15%)
… +++

Prices could be some small financial compliment, if requested.

Every key point I mentioned needs to be worked out in detail and tailored to Armory 3D.

Finally there can be some countdown link and publishing platform for the games here in the forum.

Realtime countdown by motionmail.

What do you think?

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Would be very cool if there could be something like that, but right now it seems like the community is a bit too small and judging by the complaints that there isn’t enough documentation, doesn’t know how to fully use armory. Also there needs to be someone to set the theme, check if the submitted work isn’t stolen, and mostly judge everything.

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I doubt I would ever join in on this ,but one thing I would do different than BGMC is longer time to work on game and no posting progress or finished game til after voting. Who can really put something together in a weeks time? I say give at least 3 weeks and see what people can come up with.


Simonrazer - Exactly, I think it will take some time for Armory to be production-ready in any cases. But when it’s on a certain level of stabile game development, this could be fun. Copyright, themes and judging could be done by the Armory developer(s) themselfs or forum-members with a very high ranking? I’m not quite sure yet… What would you say?

AFWS88 - We could stage AGMC once a year. E.g. AGMC 2019, AGMC 2020 - at the end of every year there will be the final results. So there will be lots of time, I guess. The jury itself uploads the game-links. Yes, I would say no pre-versions. We could also establish different sub-categories.

  1. Team and Single developer
  2. Target: Desktop, Web, Mobile-Device.
  3. +++

For example:

Winner: AGMC 2019 TD: “Spaceship Battle”
= Armory Game Making Contest winner in year 2019 - Team developer - Desktop application: Game called “Spaceship Battle”

Would you like?

This whould be amazing.
Let the community grow and who know where we are in a year…

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Some Armory 3D game Jam, with some game theme.