Billboard can't be controlled by logic nodes

Hey there! I tried to create a floating health bar in armory3d by using the billboard technique but unfortunately I found out that it doesnt work with logic nodes. Does someone know if this works with haxe?

Does setting the objects material to billboard in the materials tab not work for you?

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The problem for me is that I want to scale the healthbar on the x axis(by losing health). It only works if I turn the billboard function off but then the healthbar doesnt look into the camera. I hope that you understand it.

It only works on mouse or keyboard input, don’t know why

Can you share the blend file or show the node tree on a screenshot?

not sure why it isn’t working? ive used it for tilesheet effects before and it seemed to work okay.

why not just parent the health bar to the camera so it follows its movement and rotation. and set the material to “overlay” so it always shows in front of everything else?

Or why not use the progress bars in the canvas editor as a health bar?

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Hey @Jamie_B!! The healthbar should be on top of the box. It should rotate at his position. If I parent this to my cam then it doesn’t stay on top. The canvas editor is not very usefull yet. You can’t use the canvas editor for the world view on 2d view space. The progress bar can’t be controlled by the system, only you cant slide it down or up.

Sorry man I deleted my File!

Ahh, I get you now. sorry, i assumed you meant a healthbar on a HUD

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You can use canvas on 3d plane and then set this material to billboard and boom!

Slider and progress bar are different. In slider, you slide the bar to adjust value with input, But in progress bar it slide the bar itself to adjust value with code

So, in your case, create canvas, add progress bar element, follow 3d UI example, and control the progress bar with Canvas Set Progress Bar node

(p.s. Armory2D (aka. Canvas editor) got some buff lately)