Black Texture Error

I have a terrain that I am trying to apply a Material to. It is a simple material that changes color based on the slope of the object’s face. Here are the nodes:

In cycles it turns out fine, but in Armory the terrain turns black.
By troubleshooting, I am sure that it is the Material that is causing the problem.
Any thoughts are welcome.

Here is the terrain in cycles.

Here is the terrain in Armory.

Armory PBR can be broken at times… try principled. In addition, it looks like the sky is dimmer. Are you sure your lighting is not via nodes? If the lighting is via emission it will work in cycles, but you need to set the properties elsewhere to get it to work in Armory.

I tried using the principled, but that didn’t work. As far as the lighting, I just have a default blender sun light. Is there anything special I have to do with the light? Armory works if I just apply a simple diffuse Material with the same lighting. It even works with the Armory PBR and the principled. It’s the nodes that are making the difference.

Try changing the sun light to a spot…

If that doesn’t work, try playing with mix shader, has different functionality in Armory.

Not sure why you’re getting black ,but I found out you would run into more issues. I’m not sure why ,but Armory doesn’t always match Cycles. Using the Combine XYZ and using the Normal from the Geometry gave a solid color in Armory ,but yet it was right in Cycles. Using the Combine XYZ and using Position from the Geometry matched closer ,but it was still wrong.

After playing around some more, it does look like the Combine XYZ causes it to go black.

This seems to match pretty good


Interesting. Thanks!