Blender 2.8 and game engine

I read this on twiiter :

Does this means Blender 2.8 could have it’s own 3D game engine, competing directly with Armory 3D because both uses Blender as the game editor and tools ?

Blender failed about game engine, it never got big support and big features.
I’m not sure this will change, Armory 3D is the only and the best Blender game engine.

He should say Blender will support Armory 3D.

If they did it would kinda be doing exactly what Armory is already doing anyway - Basically having everything “translated” from Blender to an external element (Armory/Iron/Kha) in order to circumvent the GPL issue (You can’t sell your game without including your source code). Eevee is already GPL and thus if they want to make a new game engine that isn’t GPL, they’d have to write a new renderer - again.

So in other words, no need to reinvent the wheel, if the wheel is already available as Armory3D :slight_smile:

Edit: On a side note, I am curious as to why Armory isn’t getting wider adoption rates from previous BGE users, and I’m not sure if it’s the lack of traditional logic bricks, or whether they think it’s based on the BGE (dead), or if mistakingly only thinks it’s only a pre-2.8 blender thing).

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Has to be the program language barrier. If you think about how popular and easy python is to pick up when facing the moment to add script to your game logic nodes in old BGE, it can completely turn people away from diving in and learning armory when finding out this awesome new game engine for blender is using a language off the radar.

The cool thing is that once you realize what haxe/kha can do, and look at how clean and legible the syntax you make it your new favorite language instantly. Armory is next level.

Apologies for necroing the post. I’m at this point. I had UPBGE 2.79 for the last two years, hoping I could get my giant page of logic nodes to run my game attempts the way I wanted. Now I have a new pc and just went with it and grabbed Armory, since hearing about it when B3D announced it stopping support of the bge. UP was getting too difficult, but I have so much trouble learning python, no matter how easy everyone says it is.

I’m basically stuck having to copy-paste other people’s code, because of the advanced nature of the code needed. Like, seriously. I’ve been off and on python for the last eight years, never actually doing anything due to not needing to do anything in py.

Sure I’ve had to interact with it running Linux, and definitely trying to do things in bge. But I’m no where near y’all’s skill level with creating shaders or the like. So. Where is the library of scripts? :smiley:

Hi, not sure if I understand you correctly. You were talking about Armory scripts (not about the BGE, right?)?

There is an examples repository as well as some templates, some of them use Haxe scripts, other use logic nodes (like BGE’s logic bricks but more powerful). If you don’t know how to code, logic nodes are a good way of making games, they are easy to use but you can still do a lot with them. However, learning programming is always a good idea :slight_smile:


Duh. Logic Nodes. I obviously meant logic Blocks in my previous comment I looked at Nodes and thought they weren’t working for what I wanted. Turns out the Material Nodes have caused a knee-jerk reaction against nodes. (I think I just don’t understand how or why material Vectors work).

Thanks for responding.

Now I just need to find tutorials for logic nodes so I can get into them quickly.