Blender 2.8's EEVEE

I was reading about development on a new view port engine for Blender 2.8. EEVEE is going to be a real-time rendering engine based on Uber PBR.

Here is the article:

It wont be a game engine but they did say it would be able to convert Cycles nodes to the real-time engine and attempt to be as close of a match as possible with a Cycles render. I downloaded 2.8 and it crashes so I haven’t been able to try it out.

You may be able to drop the viewport and use EEVEE’s Cycles-to-PBR GLSLs to reduce the workload for Armory.

The current viewport experience haunts me at night, looking forward to this. :slight_smile:


You just need to download all dependencies and it compiles fine.
In the linux version, there’s an utility in -> blender -> build_files -> build_Environment ->
Runing that will automaticly download all you need.

I downloaded the daily build. I didn’t try compiling it from source.

I used to think that to compile from source was too complex for me (probably it was, but ain’t the case anymore). At least in Linux, is as easy as doing a git clone of the blender 2.8 branch and, after downloading all dependencies, write “make” inside the blender folder :slight_smile: Each time you want to see what new things have been done you just need to write “git pull”, to fetch the updates, and then “make” again.

Compiling on Linux is way easier. My experiences on Windows have been torturous.

Update on EEVEE

Been experimenting with this recently, it looks promising. Basically everything works as usual with much more powerful viewport. Eevee uses a different material output node but Armory will take that into account.


So basically what you’re saying is that you won’t need the Krom (or whatever it is) blender player and instead rely in EEVEE for playing the files inside of Blender? :slight_smile:

I don’t think that will be as accurate, tho.