Blender and VIEWPORT DOF?

I just noticed this and I just couldn’t stay quiet about it! how could blender foundation do this to us???

:hushed: How? this is solid shading???
Exact steps to replicate:

  1. go to the 3d viewport in blender 2.79 (2.8 isn’t “Doffy” for the solid view.)
  2. press ‘N’ to open the menu on the right
  3. Shading > Depth Of Field
  4. go to camera view
  5. set up DOF like normal
  6. if it doesen’t appear, try resetting the viewport by switching to material view (viewdev) and moving back to solid view
    I’m SHOOK.

Don’t really understand what your talking about or getting at.

blender 2.79 seems to apparently have integrated DOF in the viewport.