Blender UI and 3D scene scaling question

I previously asked a UI scaling HTML5 related question, I now realize this have nothing to do with exported platforms but is an Armory question that have nothing to do with the HTML 5 output.

I think that there is currently no defined way to handle this at the moment. I definitely needs to be there, but I don’t think it is yet. I think ZUI has options to set the UI element anchor, which might let you keep the buttons on the screen, but I don’t there there is any way to keep the 3D view from scaling to fit yet.

Basic overall scaling should have been sorted out right at the beginning.
However I am hopeful.

Will continue to learn until it is production ready.

There is a lot of work to be done, but I really believe Armory will turn into something amazing. :sparkles: :slight_smile:

If there isn’t one already, you should open an issue on GitHub for scaling to add it to Lubos’s task list. He’ll get to it when he can.

I don’t do GitHub.
Maybe you can do it if you also feel this is important.
Just send him a link to this image I have posted.
A picture is worth a thousand words.

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There you go. :slight_smile:

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