Blendfile: Archviz Litterbug-Den Realtime WT sporting Voxel A0

Settings of blend are for Windows. Linux users see Readme on Github.
License because of the Sweethome3d models from eTek.

Link to blend in readme file on Github:
With Armory3d SDK installed press F5. FPS WASD controls. Blinds are functional use 123456
No collision, just walk through walls.

If you made any improvements to the file, please share it. Thank you. No need to upload the entire file, just the change and i ´ll update the chunk file.


Great job! Tidy as hell that flat of yours :wink: My claustrophia returned while “walking” through the rooms. Only the camera position feels awkward!? I kept glitching through walls while turning.
Looking forward to seeing more!

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To be able to glitch through walls is good against claustrophobia :slight_smile: It is supposed to be an example on how to adjust the Voxel AO settings, as well as turning some SH3D home fast into a nicely lit walkthrough model. No collision with walls etc. enables you to check every possible spot. Camera position can be adjusted. Just reposition it and don´t destroy the parenting to the empty. You can append FPS controls to an arbitrary blend, selecting the cylinder, empty, camera from objects during appending from this file. You might want to append the bottom plane as well, or give your own ground rigid physics features (see blend).