Bones animation gets lost when parenting


I have a circle parented to an aramature which deforms the circle. I then parent the circle to an empty and rotate the empty. In blender the animation looks like this:
grow.blend (719.7 KB)

In armory, the circle always remains a perfect circle and does not get deformed. How can I achieve the shown effect?


Do you really need the bones? you could use other methods in blender or just bake the animation to keyframes.

@blackno666 In this situation, I would create my own Trait or Logic Node to manage the Armature / Bones as I want …
Thus that is in haxe langage starting with something like therafter :

object= inputs[1].get(); //here to get the armature object from the input 1 of your logic node

remenber too to make
import iron.object.BoneAnimation;

and create into a class a
public var anim:BoneAnimation;

create this anim like thereafter
var anim = object.animation != null ? cast(object.animation, BoneAnimation) : null;

With this anim, then you can do what you want as rotating a bone of the armature after getting it in the anim… (thus remember to let a correct animation of your armature with at least one key with all the armature, which so will allow you to have an existing anim to access in your code)

Example with mybone therefater :slight_smile:
mybone = anim.getBone(“mybonename”);
with a
public var mybone:TObj;

which thus need too an import iron.object.Object;

Then you can play with the mybone as you want here to deform/rotate the circle.