Browser Side-Scrolling Platformer Prototype

Hi guys, here is a browser prototype that I created with Armory 3D.

I’m sharing the assets with you, hoping it will help someone.

This is the blend file:
jogo23.blend (4.0 MB)

These are the source code files:
Bala.hx (4.2 KB)
Poop.hx (626 Bytes)
MyTrait.hx (755 Bytes)
Galinha.hx (6.9 KB)
MoveTest.hx (1.9 KB)
Vertical.hx (1.1 KB)
Chao.hx (300 Bytes)
Inimigo.hx (3.1 KB)
Alternar.hx (234 Bytes)
NotVisible.hx (288 Bytes)
ThirdPersonController.hx (2.6 KB)
Fracturante.hx (237 Bytes)
FirstPersonController.hx (2.0 KB)
ModifiedController.hx (4.5 KB)
Horizontal.hx (1.1 KB)

And here are the texture files, which should go inside a folder called “texturas”:

By the way, I tried to send all these as a single zip file, but unfortunately zip files are not allowed.

Also, I’m Portuguese, so there’s stuff with Portuguese names mixed with other stuff in English. Sorry about that.


I’m not sure people will download files one by one.
You could create a GitHub account, upload your files and put a download link here.

Thanks for sharing the project.