Brush looks very fuzzy?

Hey…I’ve never posted on a forum like this before. I have started to learn blender in the past few days and saw a lot of people recommend armorpaint for hand painting textures so I decided to get it! (I only include this because I don’t know much about 3d yet…)

When I try to handpaint details the brush looks, really really fuzzy and textured and I don’t see a way to adjust the spread anywhere. I put the hardness all the way up and the opacity so I don’t know what else to try…please help!

(picture is my model with a bunch of different settings I tried to illustrate that they are all fuzzy/have a weird spread)

What resolution are your textures? If they’re too low, you’re going to get blurriness regardless of what ArmorPaint does.

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I’m not sure how to check that but I have the same issue with the default cube

The texture resolution setting is in Export tab at the bottom right of the interface:


Try setting that to at least 2K ( which should be the default so that might not be the issue ).