Build 12RC1 Texture Mapping node seems does not work in armory


I tried to use the texture mapping node in armory but it does not work in Armory viewport. It does work in Cycles Rendering or if i select object mode ->rendered.

On the left is Armory and on the right is Cycles.

I tried to scale the image 10 times.

Thanks for report! Should be working now, fix included in next update. :hammer:

Found another bug in latest build 12, all the textures does not follow the mapping nodes rotation values, for example I rotated the textures on y 45 degrees and the textures still remain at rotation 0, See picture below.

Another bug is all the textures following the texture mapping node values(scaling) except normal map. If I disabled the normal map texture in the material node, it does not have this error. As you can see from the picture below, the normal map textures is still at scale 1, while other textures is at scale 10.