Build 5 is out!

Model is Rocket Bike by Chris Kuhn

New builds are up and can be downloaded at:

Getting started at:

Phew, last full builds of this year are out! There will be a proper write up before the year ends for those who are curious how the engine is progressing so far and what is coming next. :slight_smile:

In case of critical issues updated builds will be released. Previous Build 4 is still available at itch. Build 5 is using the new Cycles material builder, so chance of issues is high. Using bundled Armory PBR node is still recommended.

Nodes are still not calibrated so colors / intensities may look different compared to Cycles. The new material builder is much, much more robust - fixing the calibration and adding more nodes should be straightforward.

New example on materials is in progress but is not yet finished (will be accompanied by text version).

  • There should be no breaking changes but if something goes wrong try reimporting your scene into clean blend file
  • Switched to new render path builder by default (Configurable using Properties - Camera - Armory Render Path. Old render paths will still work.)
  • Using shorter paths to fight long path issues on Windows
  • Fixed Linux issues with sdk path not appending ‘/’
  • Fixed issue when renamed ‘blender.exe’ file would not start the player


There will be no big new features in build 6 and 7, instead focusing on stability & fixes and moving the logic system forward.

  • Fixing built-in player crash on Windows (seems to be happening on some nvidia cards)
  • Fixing issues with bundled Blender and shared libraries on Linux
  • Shorter build times
  • Better sync with built-in player
  • Further development of logic nodes (great topic!)

Happy holidays and thanks for all the support on 5 builds already!


Cool !!
Will you make any videos and toturial ?

Hello, i’m preparing basic video tutorials in english ( i’m not english native speaker but i prefer to use english to reach more people). i will publish the link here as soon as they are ready, the first will be ready before the end of the year.

Hey, can you guys add real-time GI in Armory, like UE4 with enlighten and unity that would be a great feature instead of using light probes. Thanks for the attention

Strange, there is already Global Illumination no ?

Yes, but it’s only using light probes not processed in Real-time

Ah…that’s would be cool to have it in Real Time

There already is global illumination it is still early tho.

From the video description.

Early test of fully dynamic global illumination using voxel cone tracing. Still super ugly!

Voxel cone Tracing is different from the Real-time GI in Enlighten thus making great results in real time

Finished the first video tutorial using build 5 :slight_smile:

Edit : New website under construction