Build 6 is out!

Model is Apple Bowl by pinnguin

New builds are up and can be downloaded at:

Getting started at:

Fresh builds to kick off 2017 are out!:slight_smile: In case of critical issues updated builds will be released. Previous Build 5 is still available at itch. Build 6 is mostly a bug fix release, with 2 new features.

  • Destructive environment (small example). Textures on meshes will not work yet.
  • Soft body & cloth simulation (small example). It is a good idea to use less-complex meshes for collision.


  • Build 7: Focus on logic nodes / scripting
  • Build 8: Focus on animation

I slipped a few days on the forum activity in order to finish Build 6 on time, will do some catch up! Animation seems to be the next major concern. :slight_smile:

Have a nice weekend!


Awesome! Started without complaining about any libs on Arch Linux :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

No need for Flatpak/AppImage then :slight_smile:


Thanks Lubos!!!:laughing:

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