Build 7 is out!

Model is Bulletproof Vest by albin

New builds are up and can be downloaded at:

Getting started at:

Not the ‘logic nodes build’ yet, but there were so many fixes I decided to roll a new one. In case of critical issues updated builds will be released. Previous Build 6 is still available on itch.

  • Fixed Play in Viewport crashing on nvidia cards. Got a lot of reports on this. If you were affected, please let me know how it runs now.

  • Screen-space ray-traced shadows: can be enabled in Camera - Armory Render Props - SSRS. Ray Step can be adjusted in Armory Render Props - Advanced - SSRS. This effect is used for small shadowing details, when shadow-map is not precise enough. It works by ray-tracing depth buffer and is available for deferred renderer.

  • Deploy to mobile devices. Basic Android and iOS guides are now up in the manual.

  • New example. A ball rolling in the maze using physics. Logic in the example is created using code.

  • A small example game in the works. Hopefully out along with the next build. The lighting is baked(!), game is intended to also run on mobile.

  • Runs on the latest Kha / Kore / Kode Studio / Haxe now.

  • Groups are now partially supported (will only work for meshes)

  • UI change. Armory Play and Armory Build merged into single panel.

  • Shorter build times. Enable Properties - Render - Armory Player - Cache Compiler to speed up repeated builds. Will be enabled by default once tested.

  • Opening the core of Armory. There is now basic manual if you ever wish to use libraries powering Armory for building your own tools.


  • Build 8: More focus on logic nodes / scripting!
  • Updating bundled Blender to latest release

Thanks for continued feedback!


Great work !

I appreciate simplification with Armory Play and Build into single panel !
Would it possible to organise Armory Project in the same panel?

Something Like:

Build:Build project
Compile: Build project, Compile it ( if necessary)
Play: Build project, Compile it and Play it
Publish: Build Project and Clean all ( maybe in a different path so we do not lose the previous builds)

I cannot find and enable SSRS ( OS X® 10.11.6 )
I will test the new features in next days!

Hi lubos,

I’m a high school student and I’d really, really like to try Armory. Unfortunately I can barely afford a computer, so I can’t pay you :frowning:. I certainly would if I could.

Is there any chance you can allow me to get an Armory license? I would be so happy ^_^.

PM sent :slight_smile:


SSRS box should be buried here (those buttons need a cleanup too…):

If it’s not, any Python error messages in console?
Will also look to get rid of Armory Project panel if it will fit into single one, like you mentioned.

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@lubos, SSRS founded after i disabled Soft Shadows, thank you!
It was invisible with Soft Shadow “Auto” or “On”.

Looking forward for Armory Project panel optimisation in next builds.

Hi Lubos,

Now it works both bundled and addon on my gtx 1070 so these are my first tests on build 7.
First i can see an issue or a limitation, smooth shading don’t applied in viewport.
Then Build failed when i try VGI, i don’t know how to setup this …

I have some features requesting : i would like to suggest to add a proportionnal resize viewport ability.
A double sided option in armory pbr material, and in addition to the remapping navigation keys, an option for the ability to pan the viewport with the left mouse button, and zoom in/out with middle mouse button.

Thanks for the build 7 now i can test armory deeply.

Regards, Julien.

@mistajuliax about smooth shading, go to Armory Player -> Advanced and select “Optimize Meshes”

Ok now it works. thanks.

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I see something else in user preference, the compute device selection is disabled. i can’t see my GPU, is this normal ?

@mistajuliax It’s related to Cycles Rendering, but not to Armory,

I requested the adjustable render window for Cycles a while ago. It still needs to be implemented.

I will have to finally compile next builds with GPU Cycles support, even though it’s not related to Armory it is way too much confusing.

For double-sided materials, try setting Override Cull-Mode option to None.

I am happy that Armory now at least runs on your GPU card. Noted down your ideas - many thanks for feedback! Will keep on improving the experience.

Ok , i see thanks, i was thinking armory used opensubdiv included in blender for tesselation and displacement maps …

Ok, it’s working for double sided. I was thinking about using two different maps for each sided to make leaves for instance …
I encounter some troubles to achieve a good displacement, could you provibe a tutorial and an example scene to know how much do we have to tessellate the geometry. Is it necessary to subdivise it before tessellating ?? what quality of height do we have to use ?

Otherwise i really like the way armory is working, it’s really fun and cool to use it inside blender. Keep going the great work !

Regards, Julien.

Pardon the late reply Julien - good note about different maps for each side, will take care of that. Will also add a small example dedicated to tessellation only.

Really glad you like the project so far, thanks for feedback!

Just WOW! I mean i started following Armory’s development in BA forum since march of last year but had no idea there have been so much update here. Just WOW! congrats Lubos and everyone who helped in a way. this is by far the most exciting thing i’m looking forward to in blender. i really wish i can actively help develop this anyway i can. can’t wait for when this gets released to the public ( or when i can afford it lol :stuck_out_tongue: ) gonna be stalking this forum very closely from now on. cheers :slight_smile:

No problems, i’m patient when i like an app like armory :).
I’m waiting for the next build …

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Nice job - I really like that. It looks very richer than Unity or Unreal wow. Welcome Haxe, Kore/Kha!!!

Awesome job. I really am very excited because Armory is very better than OpenTK / Unity / MonoGame. About wavewfront loads into Kha / Armory = OK 100 % working. C# doesn’t work like my old development with OpenTK and wavefront shows bad single face

It lookes bad from C# with loading obj I created simple cube from Blender. Now I am excited about Kha and Armory works with any formats like blend, obj, fbx and more wow. I can’t believe because Kha/Armory is very powerful than C#. That is why I can’t believe that I never try it.

And how is GUI ( like waxe or haxe-ui embeds with Armory viewport into Canvas ) ?

Does Kha have Gtk 2 / 3?

I have searched longer time with Kore/Kha but I see where is website of Kore/Kha.

// EDIT:
Does it have support multiple windows?

I am sorry for my bad English. If you don’t like my bad English?

No kha dont have Gtk2/3. It has HaxeUi-Kha as backend and has Zui.

@BlackGoku36 Uiii wow nice I never see that. Great ZUI has multiple windows wow.

But Kha looks common because screen from Kha’s window flickers impossible.