Building a side scroller platform game

Hello all, new user here but i’ve used Blender for several. I haven’t found anything online showing how to start out with making a side scrolling platformer in Armory yet and was hoping someone here may have something to help me get started with. Does anyone know of anything that’s out there like this to start learning with, preferable with the logic bricks? Thanks!

There are only several video tutorials out there and the documentation is not quite good.
If you want to learn logic nodes, visit this channel:

You can also download some projects from the “Showcase” category to get you started.

If you want a tutorial on a endless runner like subway surfers, I might be able to help you.
Just let me know.

Thank you very much i appreciate it!

It is 2D or 2.5D with 3D elements ?

It would be 2.5D. I plan on making a 3D sidescroller with akin to Castlevania Lords of Shadow Mirror of Fate. Mighty No.9 etc.

I’ve done a 2.5D game template in Godot 3 for anyone.
One important thing to make 2.5D game is to use rigibody physics and lock translation and rotation on some axis to keep the player on one plane and only do Z rotations when needed.

I kept same physics principles to create a 2.5D commercial game in Unreal 4 (far from release), so it should not be very hard and not so long to make again the same template for another 3D engine like Armory with logic nodes if you are interested.

This could help you get started and understand how to use physics for gameplay once you’ll have learned Armory essentials.

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Definitely! That would be great if you don’t mind! Thanks for the link as well!

Armory is missing axis constraints features

But i managed to make 2.5D physics in logic nodes ( it works with the stable release 2.79 ).

It’s a small example but it should get you started to keep physic objects like player or projectile aligned into a 2.5D plane.

Some notes :

  • Ground check raycast nodes frame and some variable on Jump nodes frame to avoid double jump are not connected, they was working but no more after.
  • animations is not managed the best way like in code, calling PlayAction should be called only when there is a state change instead

What are you talking about? lol

(Set certain axis angular factor to ‘0’ to lock it to it axis)


There is many way to do things, not only one.

I tested your way with linear and angular factor.

Using Angular factor = 0 on XYZ , when the objects moves and there is some rounded physic collision object in front of it, it will rotates a little on Z axis and it keeps that small rotation.
It’s no more 2.5D aligned.

It’s not as good and stable as Godot 3 or Unity.

My work around is more stable and better until Armory gets those working better.

Well … at least i took the time to create some example to help him.

You remind me someone from this thread

A.I. is machine learning. Don’t mix up terms please.

What drug are you using? lol, even Pablo Escobar would be jealous of you.
I am currently using Angular Factor in game and it work absolutely perfect.

If you think armory is bad and Godot 3 and Unity are better, than why are you here not using Godot 3 and Unity?

All right, granted that your work around is better, than it would be better if you stop complaining and file issue on git-hub(which is what you probably don’t want to do and keep on complaining), so that other devs can see if it is solvable by them or not.

Well…This is kinda out of topic, unrelated to what i am saying, and if you have waited few mins, someone else might have helped him better

I don’t see how i remind of him, but dude learn how to link something, the person you linked and the person who wrote above messeage(A.I. is machine learning. Don’t mix up terms please.) are completely different person.(BTW dunno who you are talking about).

And well, you remind of someone too…hold on, let me see…well no one, no one is like you ¯\(ツ)/¯.

Note: If you don’t like Armory than please go to godot, unity, upbge or ue4, complaining about armory and not filing any issue on github is never going to solve its problems(I don’t know how hard it is to file issue on Armory’s git repo when you do it easily on Godot’s git repo), and please don’t ever post any external link to project or anything that is not related and is other engine project, just like you did

and this is your last warning, please don’t tell other people to use other engine and tell them to use armory for only prototyping purpose and use other engine for full game, I get it that armory has lot of bugs but comparison between armory and other engine and telling people to use other engine in this manner will not be tolerated, go and say whatever about armory you want on other forums or somewhere else other than ARMORY FORUM becasue it is just like hmmm...this feature doesn't work in godot3 properly, yall move your asses to UE4 becasue this engine is not mature enough(or some b.s.) in Godot 3 forums.

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You are right, i compare too much with Unity or Unreal 4, that’s useless.

I will stop comparing Armory and others.

I never said Armory was bad, it has the best workflow any 3D Engines would be happy to have.
But it’s a work in progress, for example textures does not work on Armory pbr node,and the overall rendering is not what other 3D engines render.

Wen you have games to complete or sell, you use a 3D engine that has no big issues and maximum hardware range compatibility on PC or console. You don’t use 3D engines alpha or Beta or work in progress.
But that’s another discussion, it’s a little off topic.

You did not tested well.

I prefer to ignore you.

If you see some 100% issue, file it in github and attach .blend. Otherwise you are not helping. Just complaining goes like fart in the air and just smells bad :D. Sorry for rude comparison. Lubos has literally no time to surf over complaints in Forum, so…

Also remember Armory is not even BETA v1, so it it’s bad for production :/, no doubts.


The issue is more complex.

When you spawn some physic objects around the character, the collisions and projectile physics disturb the character angular forces.
The character gets a little rotation and it is no more 2.5D aligned.
The angular velocity = 0 does not work fully.

It’s on github issues.



I will keep participating on Showcase topic, but i will stay way from Armory forums other topics.

It’s a waste staying on forums.
While it is lot more valuable to work on your game instead :wink: