Building APK is failing when publishing as Android App (using armory Exporter)

Hey, so I’ve been trying to make a small android mobile game using armory3D and I downloaded the Android SDK for windows and specified the path in the armory add on build preferences.

However, after making the necessary files for android studio, it fails while building the APK.

I’ve attached an image of the blender console that states that the settings.gradle file could not be compiled, but I am not sure how to fix that.

I’ve also attempted making the APK using android studio, where it failed and suggested using something else and then ended up with an error that stated:
“CreateProcess error=193, %1 is not a valid Win32 application”

Any insights or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advanced :smile:

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I am not conversant with building apk from within armory via CMD, however, I can try to help if you are using android studio.

Could you please share the complete error report from android studio?

Unless I misunderstand, you are trying to build the app inside the armory 3d game engine like in this tutorial I made a while ago.

In watchcase make sure you use this Sdk for armory… It is hard to find so put it on my google drive for safe keeping. (the other SDK I try give me errors.)