Building ArmorPaint on Linux: Automatic Script

For those of you who want to try to build ArmorPaint on linux, but are too lazy to install all the dependencies and follow through the whole process, I have made a shell script (my first shell script) that should install all the dependencies, build, and launch ArmorPaint.

All you have to do is download it, set it as executable, and run it (or just drag it in a terminal and run it) (note you will need to enter your password for sudo). This shell script was designed for Ubuntu, and should be a one or two click setup. Your mileage will be mostly dependent upon the state of the github repo, and of your computer.

Once armor paint is built, you don’t have to run the shell script every time (unless you want to get a newer build from github, or update the dependencies). You just have to run this line of code in the terminal.

cd ~/armorpaint/Krom/Deployment && ./Krom …/…/build/krom

You can even use alacarte (or any menu editor) to add the command and an image as an app you can run from the menu.


Really good, thanks for sharing!

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