Bundled Scripts not working when I select Scene in Camera but Works when I select Viewport

Good day people, I am new to Armory and started to follow video tutorials about Armory 3d game engine. So I wanted to implement bundled scripts. I selected a cube and added the SimpleRotateObject bundled trait. However when I select Scene on Camera, the Krom Player window shows the cube as expected but it does not respond to the keyboard keys declared in the SimpleRotateObject trait to rotate the cube. But when I select the Viewport on Camera in Armory Player, the trait works as expected. Why is the Haxe trait not working when I select Scene in Armory Player? Did I temper with any settings? Any help is appreciated. I am using Armory 0.5 on Blender 2.79b.

Solved it. In case someone faces same issue, I was using wrong armory traits. I was using those in the scene tab instead of Object Tab.

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