Can Armory be used to make animated movies using real-time rendering?

I know Armory 3D was designed for creating games, but does it work well for making animated movies? Does Armory make it capable to create animations that can be seen in real-time? Or do you think it should only be used for game creation.

Armory right now has inside of ‘render panel’>‘Armory render’ an option called ‘Animation’ to render animations.
Right now, what this option does is to get all the animations you currently have on your timeline from frames 1 to 250, without letting you select which frames you want to render, and spit the whole sequence as .png pictures.
You can later use another program to join all the pictures as a movie, and add music to it.

Or anyways, you just can just render your animation with f5 in fullscreen, and record the whole screen of your pc, with OBS.

Ohh I see! Thank you for your answer! I haven’t bought Armory yet, but I wanna know all the things it can currently do before I buy it to see if it’s worth it.