Can i run game in blender?

Can i run game in blender???

You create the game in Blender, and push the “Play” button in Blender to start playing the game. Then it opens a new window with the game in it.

In older versions it was possible to see the game running in a Blender viewport. With the move from Blender 2.7 to Blender 2.8 that feature was lost, however there are plans to bring it back.


That feature was the Blender Game Engine (BGE)," and it is my understanding that there are no plans to “bring it back.”

The problem with BGE was that you basically had to haul-around “most of Blender” – the so-called “runtime” – in order to play your game. Armory3D takes an entirely different approach which I think is much closer to the actual future: its development environment (IDE) is tightly integrated into Blender, but the resulting games are not. Armory3D produces an independent stand-alone executable for whatever environment(s) you “target.”

You can run your game without leaving the IDE, for your convenience while developing it, and you don’t have to do the “importing, exporting, and asset conversion” that engines like Unity require. But, at the end of the day, your game stands alone.

It’s this author’s candid opinion that "this is the future," and that products like Unity will soon feel pressure to match it. I sincerely think that “Armory3D will change the game – of game-making.”

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There actually are plans to bring it back:

The original Armory viewport player was not BGE, it was a custom extension compiled into Blender that ran Krom inside of the viewport. It only worked for Blender 2.8 and it required recompiling it from source. It was dropped when Armory 0.6 came out, but it is something that will get worked back in eventually.

thanks all,i do love this feature too much

Yes, I know that Armory’s player has nothing to do with BGE.

Personally, I hope that the Blender Foundation will “embrace and eagerly support” the Armory3D project, as I tacitly expect them to do. The symbiotic business-value is quite obvious, and the impact to Blender development ought to be modest. “They kinda-sorta got a fabulous technology handed to them on a silver platter,” methinks …

I had not yet heard about this Blender Foundation decision (?) concerning the future of BGE. Speaking of “legacy technologies,” now I wonder whatever became of my suggestion – on “” – about returning a made-over version of the Blender Internal renderer in version “2.8 + n?” (Which is, of course, not a topic to be pursued here.)

I hope so, too. Unfortunately I doubt it though. I’ve talked with Ton, and his opinion seems to be that game engines and content creation platforms are different things and that Blender needs to stay focused. He wants Blender to inter-operate well with game engines, without taking on the responsibility for one. I’d guess that he would welcome input on how Blender can best accommodate Armory, but I don’t think he’s going to make any engine Blender’s “preferred” one as he wants Blender to be a tool that targets all of them.