Can I split the game into multiple .blend files?

Hi, I’m new here and I’m very hyped by Armory :slight_smile:

Is there a way to organise the project with entities/component located in external .blend files?
I’d like to have a master_map.blend, and from there spawn objects that are defined in their own .blend.

I know in blender you can “append” scenes but it’s merged by copy, am I right?
I’d like it to “link objects by reference”


Have some inspiration in armory_examples\logic_scenes\scenes.blend.
There are LogicNodes for SpawnScene (to add content from another Scene) and SetScene, but I don’t know how to dynamically load/free those for webapps.

Thank you for the input =)
I’d like to do it from Haxe scripts, but couldn’t find any “spawn” command in the API, I should have missed it

So I’ve found the scene API:

it has swawnObject method that requires a name, so this means it has to be an object existing in the current .blend file.

good point, when projects gets bigger maintaining everything in a single scene will be cumbersome, hope someone will make tutorials on organizing projects in Armory.

do you have any idea @lubos ?