Can I use latest version with Blender 2.79


I have a game that is using Blender 2.79 and I tried to install the latest version of Armory3D as an add-on into my Blender 2.79, but without luck, I’m wondering if can I use this latest version with Blender 2.79?


I couldn’t install the addon too, I think 2.7 is not supported anymore. Armory is going to 2.8 forever. :neutral_face:

The 2.80 version of Blender is an API breaking one, so in order to keep Armory updated to the latest version of Blender it had to make a lot of changes that break compatibility with 2.79. That’s why it doesn’t work when you try to use the latest version of Armory with old Blender version.

You can still use the 2.79 version if you have a copy but if you want to use the latest version of Armory you have to use Blender 2.80.

Hi M_Ent8h,

That’s what I thought! And my problem is, I don’t have the old version (and I didn’t find a compiled version too), if you still have M_Ent8h, can you provide to me?

Thank you!

Sorry I don’t have those versions myself either.

Maybe you can try asking in the official repo with an issue for archive downloads so older versions are available to download again.

Ok, Thank you!

I’ll try to ask there!

I have a copy of the Windows version of the 0.5 release, so if you don’t find answer in GitHub I could provide it to you.
But you may tell how I can do so because I don’t have any idea about file interchange. :relieved:

Hi Vicent,

I already have followed M_Ent8h tips and opened an issue on GitHub, but I would love to get this version, so please, can you send me a link to download it?
Can you try to upload to Google Drive? (if you have a Gmail you already have access to Google Drive :wink: )

Thank you!

Okay in a few hours I should get it done. I will notify you here when I do it.

Anyway I have to ask you. Why you can’t migrate to Blender 2.8 which I think it’s better in long term.

I totally agree. I keep 2.79 around only in case I have to re-do some project that uses Blender Internal, until such time as (I hope …) that renderer is re-introduced into the 2.8x series.

2.8 is significantly better, and most especially it provides EEVEE. Which is the rendering technology that Armory most tries to emulate.

I freely admit that the legacy BI renderer was architected at a time when high-speed GPU hardware didn’t exist yet, and I still consider it to be a viable technology that shouldn’t have been “unceremoniously dumped.” Cycles then used the GPU but did so in non-standard ways. EEVEE uses that same hardware for its intended purpose, as does Armory. So, for a variety of reasons, you really do need to make the upgrade.

Thanks Vicent!

Answering your question: I have a game that was developed in Blender 2.79 and now I’m trying to figure out how I could port it to consoles (yes, I already have licenses and devkits, in case you may wondering;) )

As you have pointed 2.8x will be a better choice, but at the moment, I’ll keep the project on 2.79

Again, thank you for your help!

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I just find out that my build is broken, sorry. But I also​ find that you can download that build from here

And any other from here

I am in a similar situation. I have downloaded and installed Blender 2.81 only to discover that I need a better graphic chip. Well that is going to be a while before I can get a new laptop. So I will continue to use Blender 2.79.
My question is twofold
#1 does Armory come as an addon for blender 2.79 or is it a full install of blender with the armory 3d things in the zip? I would really NOT have two version of the same blender version on my system
#2 where can I get the latest version for Blender 2.79 and and windows 10 and what is that version number.

I maybe hate to say it, but … “you’re just gonna have to spring for a new laptop.” Hardware is advancing and pure-software can’t match it anymore.

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I would appreciate it if you would so kindly provide that :slightly_smiling_face: