Can Infinate terrain be made using Logic Nodes?

I started a small game in Blender 2.79 shortly before Blender gutted the BGE. I fell in love with Armory, but realized I can’t really code. I made a few simple games with Logic Bricks and originally liked it. I learned a little Python, but not enough to be a coder (Not in the slightest, lol), Now let me get back on track here… Before BGE was lost I was looking into building a builder style game that used infinite terrain. I created a way using the idea and then… blam… BGE was no longer in Blender. Now I had a little bit of Python code in it, but most of the logic was done in logic bricks.

To make this long story short. I’m wanting to do it in Logic Nodes as I like them, lol. And I feel they would make it a little easier to make if I could learn a way to do it.

So any ideas on how to create infinite terrain in Logic Nodes would be greatly appreciated.

do you mean something like the infinite runner genre, but where the terrain spawns
based on the character’s speed and direction, rather than at 90° angles only?

@longpinkytoes yes, lol. Not in a straight path. Players speed and direction would be great. I had it to where at start 9 planes would appear (1 under the player, and 8 surrounding the player on all sides). As the player came close to where the new plane should appear it would and also the ones to the upper left and right as well. The back 3 planes would end themselves as the player went out of range. I used a little Python to gauge the distance of the player and some to tell if the player has passed it (nothing big).
I want to recreate it in Logic Nodes hopefully without using any code (because I havent used Haxe or Kode or what ever Armory uses, lol). As soon as I can get a grip in Armory’s coding I may venture into coding a bit, but at the moment… yeah I think I’ll try the Nodes first, lol.
I appreciate your question and I hope this helped clear the view.

if i can be so bold (as a noob myself) don’t be afraid of the Haxe :stuck_out_tongue:
Jayanam has youtube videos where he opens different armory templates,
pokes around at the scripts, and usually talks you through making some minor change
and honestly, Haxe looks just like anything else you’ve probably used.

i asked in the comments if he would do a demo of how to place terrain in the path of the player,
his video on the fps template covered how to spawn bullets facing the player’s direction…

Well-l-l-l … “Haxe certainly isn’t Python,” not at all, but I agree that you will not find it too difficult and yes there are plenty of examples. You’re going to need to use Haxe code to do this, I think.

Whereas Python is an interpreted, “typeless” language (with a curious penchant for indentation … :wink: …), Haxe is a compiled, “strongly-typed” language. (And, in time, you will come to greatly appreciate this, because it prevents many of the tpyo-bugs that you’ve become used to.) But, once you get over the shell-shock, you’ll see that both languages are in fact accomplishing the same things in very comparable ways.


@longpinkytoes Well, I’m more of a noob it may seem, because the only programming language I have tried since the 80s is Python (and that has taken me almost 3 years to even get a grip on the basics, lol). So delving in to yet another programming language seems a lot at the moment, :wink: . Maybe I’ll try it when I get used to Armory Nodes, lol. The wonderful thing is that there are people out there that enjoy teaching others. Jayanam is one of them. I have watch almost every video he has done for Armory (so far, lol.). The Blender community is awesome because not only do they love Blender, they also love to create.
Everyone was a noob once, and that’s why I loved Python. Their community love to code just about anything. I just want to make games… Well fun ones. Thanks for all the great advice :slight_smile:

@MikeRobinson well said. I fought to learn python, lol, but maybe Haxe wont be that much of a leap. Thanks for smoothing the fear of the language barrier, lol.
But is there a way to do it in logic nodes?

It doesn’t have to be a complicated, just a simple version, lol.

So the question remains “can” it be done? Not weather it’s worth it or not. Just can it, lol. If so then can someone show me :slight_smile: